Nothing saves a marriage more than expensive gifts…

Found this “article” through @marriageguide (who decided to follow me on Twitter) called “Together, Forever – Five Great Pieces Of Advice For An Undying Marriage.” I thought hmm, that title sounds pretty epic. I’m gonna check out these 5 GREAT pieces of advice. Maybe I could even learn something. Not only did I NOT learn something, I was actually OFFENDED by the “article.”

According to the writer, Jo Alesto, here’s the #2 thing that you can do to save your marriage:

Special gifts counts

For husbands, it is best if you give your wives special things that they will treasure forever. It doesn’t mean that even if you’ve been married for more than ten years now, special gifts don’t count anymore.

If, back in your wedding day, you failed to give her some of the most precious wedding jewellery available, now is the time to regain your score. A beautiful set of pearl bridal jewellery is not a late gift after all. You can still give your wife some good pair of stud earrings made of pearl and make them a part of your family’s heirloom.


Okay, okay, spelling and grammar mistakes aside. Still… WOW.

I guess my husband FAILED on our wedding day. I mean, all he gave me on our wedding day was the most amazingly fun day at the beach. But, that’s just a memory that I can “treasure forever” and not the kind of physical treasure that I can wear around my neck and show all my friends just how much my husband loves me because he spent loads and loads of money on jewelry! Because those are the only “special things” that count. But the good news is that he can correct his massive fail at any point in our marriage, if he wants to be “together forever” that is. WOW.

4 thoughts on “Nothing saves a marriage more than expensive gifts…

  1. Michelle a.k.a. MOM

    Okay, WOW. This blog is WAY WAY too short! Why did you stop? I can find about 10 other things that totally pissed me off, too!Like #3…let the past be past, and don’t keep bringing it up (like the fact that your hubby may not have materially blessed you on your wedding day?) If you’re going to contradict yourself, at least don’t put them side by side. Sheesh..But my favorite is the fact that she works for a pearl jewelry company! Well, that and the dumb opening, “Marriage is, and always will be, marriage” (unless it’s divorce, widowhood, or separation).Off to TELL JOE that after 15 years it’s over…no pearls in my jewelry box….who does he think he is?

  2. megan

    Whoa! Yes!!! Amazing point! i just stopped so you could complete it. 🙂Yeah, that’s exactly why someone who sells jewelry is the WORST person to dole out marriage advice.

  3. Anonymous

    so megan tharpe lives on as megan finley. glad to see that you are living an amazingly crazy life, just as i always knew you would. never stopped wondering about you, but the powers of google are strong. hope you don’t mind hearing from me – it’s just cool to see you so amazingly happy.james r

  4. megan

    JAMES!!!!HOLY CRAP!!! SO glad to hear from you, you have NO IDEA. I’ve tried to google you as well, keep getting that stupid doctor guy. the bastard.Anyway, glad you checked in on me. I’m happy and still think of you often and I hope you’re having an amazing life as well! Please tell me you have a blog of some sort, I remember you were a great writer. 🙂Also- I ended up going to USC, just like you told me I could.

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