My new noise canceling earbuds got me like…

I’ve never owned a pair of noise canceling headphones before. For years now, my parents have sworn by these guys for their many many many flights a year. They even offered to purchase a pair for me for MY many many many flights a year… but they’re just SO BULKY for a carry-on. So I’ve just been using my iPhone earbuds, and, like psssh noise canceling whatever. I didn’t get the appeal.

But this week, I was gifted the Bose Noise Canceling Earbuds, and HOLY CRAP! I get it now…

When I first got them, I ran around the house experimenting with sounds — knocking on the table with the noise canceling option off and then on. Cool! Talk to myself with it off and then on. Weird! Standing outside with it off and then on. Aahhhh. Then, during my flight to Vancouver, I may have been crammed into a tiny regular-schmoe seat, but my ears felt like they were riding first-fucking-class, baby!

(Side note: You should watch this Noma documentary, it was awesome and deliciously gorgeous!)

Plus they come with different sized ear inserts to make sure they fit comfortably (small is my jam) AND a handy case that I’m using in my carry-on for not just my earbuds, but for my Fitbit and cell phone charger!

The point of this post (besides to post that ridiculous video of myself): If you’re looking for noise canceling headphones that are perfect for travel, and you don’t mind spending some dough to get something awesome, you should get these!

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