no ties allowed?

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I clearly have no time to blog about anything that takes much time. So here’s another silly conversation with one of my friends that only Star Wars NERDS will love as much as I:

Ariel: ok,
Nadia & Dale’s wookiee boogie, TIE fighting, Star Wars wedding
I don’t get that title.
TIE fighting?
I just realized that I was like “Buh? what does that even mean?”
like, they had a tie?
no ties allowed?
wearing ties?
battling to the death, but they tied?
why the caps?
Can I just make it “Nadia & Dale’s wookiee boogie Star Wars wedding”
Ariel: oh.
I suck.

me: i’m STILL laughing
omg, can i blog that!?
Ariel: Sure.
I’m not above being mocked

4 thoughts on “no ties allowed?

  1. Lauren

    and that is one of the reasons that I love you Offbeat Bride ladies. What other wedding industry bloggers would be trying to out StarWars nerd each other? I ask you?

      1. ragani

        Well, in this case, Megan wins the Star Wars nerd battle, and probably will against Ariel more often than not. Which is yet another reason I love Megan and the diversity of the Offbeat Bride staff.

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