13 music gifts for music nerds, musicians, and audiophiles

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That guy I married is a sound engineer at work, and a huge music geek at home. Most of my closest friends are professional musicians. This means I have years and years of music gifts tricks and treats up my sleeves. My fellow music geek-lovers, you might want to get your credit cards ready, because I’m about to find all of your gifts for you…


Every musician I know is always in need of a new pair of Converse. And they make them in styles to fit every personality.

Pyle PPFMXLR15 15 Feet XLR Male to XLR Female Microphone Cable

Speaking of things musicians are always in need of: XLR Male to XLR Female Microphone Cables and quarter-inch guitar cables make great stocking stuffers, year after year after year…

3-Speed Turntable

If your music nerd loves to have record-listening get-togethers (like my music nerd does), the Crosley Portable Turntable, or any portable turntable, is a must-have.

pick punch

I’m a proud owner of the Pick Punch, which can turn expired gift cards and credit cards into guitar picks. This handy machine is also a good gift MAKER — create custom picks for your favorite musicians!

Korg-Kaossilator - gift for musicans

The Korg Kaossilator Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer is like a GameBoy for sound nerds! Seriously, that guy I married takes this with him everywhere. Which is why he now wants the new, high-end Korg KAOSSILATOR PRO.

High Fidelity Earplugs - gift for musicians and music-lovers

I know that these are some of the best earplugs for musicians and concert-goers, but these come with their own keychain, so they’re PERFECT for the music-lover that (ahem) keeps forgetting to bring earplugs and has to stuff their ears with ripped up bar napkins (or, you know, something like that).

perfect wallet for musicans

Speaking of keeping things that get lost on your persons… I’ve had a crush on this classy-ass Mojave Picker’s Wallet for a long time. It’s useful, it’s creative, it’s GORGEOUS, and this way you can always make sure you have a pick on you.

fashionable headphones - gifts for music lovers

Headphones are ALWAYS useful gifts for music nerds. I have a million pairs — one in my purse, one in my gym bag, and one hanging by the door for my walks. Because there’s nothing worse than wanting to listen to music on the go, and not having your headphones! I like these rose gold headphones, golden earbuds, and these Marshall headphones, all from Modcloth. PS. Modcloth has all kinds of fun gifts for music geeks — check ’em out.

portable wireless speaker - music gifts
The JBL Charge 2+ is a waterproof, wireless Bluetooth speaker, that sounds flat-out great AND can double as a backup battery for your phone!

AcousticSheep SleepPhones - music gifts for music geeks
The AcousticSheep SleepPhones are for the music nerds who can’t fall asleep without listening to their iPod. And it’s also a gift for their partner who doesn’t so much love that about them. 😉

Moog Theremini - music gifts for music nerds

Moog anything is an awesome gift for music nerds. But this Moog Theremini might be the nerdiest gift for the nerdiest music nerd.

Recording the Beatles book - music gifts for music nerds

If you can find it/afford it, Recording the Beatles (from $400 and price is increasing) makes an amazing gift for audio and music nerds. This is (no joke) my husband’s most prized possession.

musical astronaut cigarette flask - music gifts for music nerds

Still not seeing anything perfect for your specific music nerd? Allow me to end this with the piece de resistance: A music-themed cigarette case and flask. Because nothing makes a crappy tour go by smoother than whiskey, special cigs, and a smile every time they partake. Bundle all those things together for a super-custom gift like no other!