Let there be walls and a whole lot of dust: An update on the move-in remodel

Things are trucking along at an alarmingly fast rate over in Move-in Renovation Land!

laundry room before and after

In the last, what?, week our contractor has torn down the bedroom closet and ripped out the back of the laundry closet. Then re-built a new bedroom closet and pushed back the laundry closet wall 7 inches, in order to accommodate a regular size washer and dryer.

Soon that empty laundry closet (that I think looks like a TARDIS when the blue door is shut) will be filled with these babies…

Gaze upon their glory! I’m very excited about them. Although… as much as I’ve desperately lusted over having my own washer and dryer, I did not enjoy shopping for them. I realized, I’ve barely used a washer and dryer, let alone know what to look for when purchasing them!

Fortunately both of our parents recommended LGs, so that was an easy way to start narrowing down our choices. We could only purchase ones that were stackable. Then I narrowed that choice down based on dimensions. And from there just tried to find online reviews to chose from the ones that remained. That wasn’t-so-much easy, as no one really has a blog post called “Buy this exact stackable LG washing machine and dryer if you don’t know shit about washing machines.”

So our choice based on all those qualifications, and a lack of very specific blog post help, were these: 4.5 DOE cu. ft. High-Efficiency Front Load Washer and 7.4 cu. ft. Gas Dryer with Steam.

Bedroom closet: Before and during

Bedroom closet: Before and during

Because we added more room in the laundry closet, we had to lose some length in the bedroom closet. But hopefully, bumping the closet out so that it’s flush with the wall will help give us back some storage space. This weekend we ordered mirrored bi-fold doors, so that we can have wide open access to the closets. Then we have two meetings scheduled with closet designers this week, to see what kind of storage designs we can scheme up.

Bathroom before and during

Bathroom before and during

Where there once was a toilet and sink, there are none! I can’t wait to get our vanity. In the meantime, we needed to move the toilet so that it’s backed up against the wall with the window, and then move the air vent so that it doesn’t get stepped on when using the toilet. It’s amazing all the little changes that lead to more unexpected little changes.

Phew. So that’s the update. I’m as excited about every change as I am nervous about it. It feels strange and amazing to not only be moving into my first home but to be making such an impact on it already. When the dust settles, I just hope that the impact I’m making is a good one! Until then, I’ll just be here, losing sleep and nervously obsessing over every. single. choice.


A whole lot of transitional double sink bathroom vanities that have cool open spaces


Move-in remodel round 1: In which we were defeated by shipping and hoses


  1. this is SO EXCITING!!

  2. I somehow got so behind on these reno posts! Loving your vanity choice. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

    • meganfinley

      Thanks my lovely Empire ladies, for your support!!! 🙂

  3. KathyRo

    This is a great “starter” remodel! It’s big enough to get super excited about but it’s small enough not to sweat *too* many details. I wish I had done something like this first. LOL.
    I’m getting ready for part II of my remodel ( living room, bathroom ). I can still remember some of the psychological effects from part I (kitchen, dining room, hall and entry ). Although it was not as epic as Ariel’s remodel last year, it still took over 4 months to complete and I was definitely feeling the emotional strain at the end. The decision fatigue was so strong I still don’t have any window coverings in my dining room. The flooring went out first and back in last ( understandably ) so I was living with dusty concrete for much of the time. For some weird reason, this really took a toll on me. My thought process devolved to “Well I tried to improve things but instead I came down in life and now I live in a hovel and I guess that’s how it’ll be …FOREVER.”. Totally illogical. Totally not me.
    When you do go down the rabbit hole of “shoulda-woulda-coulda” remember what I said about buying a car because the same thing applies here: you haven’t done this a hundred times over and you’re not good at things you don’t have practice with. Everything will be beautiful and wonderful even if it’s not perfect. If it helps, tell yourself “Ok the next time I remodel it will be perfect.”
    But I am so excited to see these changes and I can’t wait to see your excitement at the finished results!

    • meganfinley

      Ha, this comment is so timely as I come from a therapy session where alllll I talked about was my remodel anxiety. And really, if it was just a project for ME at the house I owned, I wouldn’t fret this much. know, in my heart, that I’m good at this stuff. I’ve done a CRAZY amount of remodeling and design projects. Plus I’m totally cool with being like, “meh, that wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but it’ll do for now” for my OWN shit. It’s just that I’m doing this with a partner who I really don’t want to disappoint. And that’s brand new and has got me a scurred and feeling like I’m off my game. But, SO FAR SO GOOD!

  4. KathyRo

    Well that is a good point. A new partner does raise the stakes. But I have it on good authority he loves you for more than your design skills ( awesome though they may be ).
    You’re gonna crush it. 🙂

  5. Before the toilet is set in stone, so to speak, have your man give it the man-spread test. My son just moved into a new house in which the downstairs half-bath has the toilet mounted almost flush (pun intended) up against where the two walls meet (i.e. corner of the room). While he can use it, it isn’t all that comfortable. He now recommends that “sitters use the shi****er” (i.e. full bathroom) upstairs.”

    • FUNNY STORY! I had that same exact thought, so I told Mike, “Hey, we should probably use the toilet while it’s been switched around to see if we even like it like that.” “Great idea, babe!” Said Mike. “I’ll try it right now.” Off he went, and then I hear, “Megan, that was a terrible idea! There’s no water in this bathroom!” Yeah, the water had been disconnected. So… oops. But, in the time that he did use the toilet, there were no complaints (the complaints just came afterwards when we were carrying bowls and coffee carafes full of water back and forth from the kitchen to the bathroom.) 😉

  6. I’m sorry I didn’t get to you sooner! Happy it all worked out in the end!

    I’m here all week, folks!

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