How to maintain a minimalist bohemian bedroom in both decor and lifestyle

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Over on Offbeat Home, I showed off some of my minimalist bedroom inspiration from a real estate listing. One of my wonderful Homies asked to know more about my actual bedroom. So here it is (keep in mind that it’s still a work in progress)…

minimalist bohemian bedroom

How to achieve this look:

White sheet set

1500 Supreme Collection 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set Deep Pocket

I got these, but I don’t love them.

Duvet Cover from the Bar III Seneca collection

Bar III seneca collection

Ikea Tejn faux sheepskin rug

Ikea Tejn faux sheepskin

Mid century-style dresser


This isn’t my exact dresser, but I freaking LOVE this one.

Lighting with natural elements like wood


Bedside tables with storage

Unfortunately this is my leftover nightstand from Target, it is not what I’d chose today, but I DO recommend the drawer and the big storage space below to hide all your shit inside.

Simple white curtains

Make sure to get ones that are thick, thermal Insulated and lined if you need a darker room to sleep.

Then throw in a giant statement piece of art on one wall, and maybe a white chair (or something super-neutral-colored) and boom: minimalist bohemian bedroom retreat!

How to keep up this look:


It’s been a little over two months since I started my minimalist bedroom re-do, and so far my best advice for keeping up this look, and not junking up the whole space, is: spend most of your nights out of your apartment. 😉

Although the few nights I spend at home I’ve been maintaining CONSTANT upkeep:

  • ALL lightly-worn clothes get put back into the closet, and NOT piled up on the chair.
  • ALL dirty clothes go right to the hamper, and NOT tossed on the floor.
  • ALL books, Gameboys, and inhalers get put into drawers, and NOT left strewn about the bed and night tables.
  • But if I can maintain a junk-less room for going on two months now, then so can you!