Megan’s Offbeat Home food challenge

THIS is my idea of the perfect meal: a HUGE pizza and beer.

I always say, the biggest mistake both Aaron and I made in our marriage was NOT marrying someone who cooks. We both have TERRIBLE eating habits, and no skills when it comes to cooking. I happen to love eating food, I just don’t happen to love creating food. Aaron is one of those people who, if he could, he’d just take a pill in order to get all his nutrition — he has no love of food and hardly any time to eat anyway. If either one of us married someone who knew how/loved to make meals, we’d be so happy. So folks, if you’ve got a partner who loves to cook, CHERISH THEM.

I just came back from an Offbeat Empire work retreat on Bainbridge island. Part of the deal with the trip was that we would all take turns making each of the meals. As I know there’s no Trader Joe’s on the island, my go-to meal of frozen pizza and pre-packaged salad was NOT going to be a possibility. Barring that, I got NOTHING when it comes to feeding the masses. So I offered this up:

Also, reminder to anyone who is partnered with me — I’m more of a hinderance then a help in the kitchen. So, if you don’t want to have to instruct me like you would a toddler when it comes to making food, I’m MORE than happy to pay for everything we (you) need if you’re more than happy to turn it all into food.

Which then got turned into useless Megan does all the dishes, while the other, competent, Empire workers created the edibles.

I was MORE than happy with that arrangement. I washed and cleaned and, in turn, ate wonderful things like grilled cheese and pear finger sandwiches, pancakes, black beens and homemade tzatziki and dutch babies for breakfast. My stomach gurgles just thinking of it all.

Today Ariel contacted me with an idea for an Offbeat Home post

Cat provides meal plans/recipes for you.
Megan: HA!
Ariel: You document your experience.
Megan: that would be hilarious.
i would totally try that

And so it’s looking like, starting next week, I will be totally trying that! I’m going from eating like this…

Breakfast: toast
Lunch: pre-packaged salad or turkey sandwich
Dinner: frozen pizza or frozen beef and broccoli

To something like this:

  • Three meals + 1 snack + 1 sweet/dessert each day
  • Prep time must be less than… 30min

I’m thinking that if Aaron (or anyone else that knows how to run a camera and possibly edit!?) are around while I’m attempting this experiment, I’ll have them capture video. Because that way, even if I fail at my meal attempt, at least will get some HILARIOUS footage. Possibly including panicked shopping trips? 😉

So stay tuned to Offbeat Home and see what comes of this idea.

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  1. rodittis

    This sounds amazing! I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I hope you publish Cat’s recipes as well because even though I can cook I do have days ( er…weeks?) where I just kinda schlep off into frozen pizza land too.

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