Meditation chairs that are easy on your back and your eyes

meditation chairs

Prompted by my therapist, I’m attempting to take up meditation. I’ve cleared a spot in my second bedroom in which to get my ‘tation on, but I’m finding it difficult because the floor is so uncomfortable. I have back problems and need more support than those zafu/zabuton sets that I’ve seen in Yoga studios. (Besides, I’m not into any traditional methodology here, just a gal who’s been told I need to make time to clear my mind.)

So I’m on the lookout for some good meditation chairs. Because lawdy lawd, I need every bit of help I can get to try and help me pull this off.

I thought of using a Back Jack, but they just don’t get my juices flowing aesthetically. Here are some potential meditation chairs that DO…

water hycienth chair
The Water Hyacinth Meditation Chair is freaking gorgeous, but it’s pricey. Wow.

The Salubrion Seat looks pretty retro-futuristic, and totally portable.

I love the Gaiam rattan meditation chair, I do not like the $240 price.

This might be my favorite cushion I’ve seen so far. It’s pretty and easy to blend in with my decor. And unlike a chair, this can be stored a lot easier when not in use. But then again… I still need more support. Sigh.

Ooh, the Zaisu chair is cool. It’s like a fancier Back Jack. Hell yeah!

Anyone else into meditation? Do you use a special chair? If so, what’s working for you? Because floor-sitting ain’t working for me and my dumb back.


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  1. ABSOLUTELY. ADORE the Christmas tree pic of you guys! Go Megan and Christmas!! I can’t wait for it to begin, 3 more sleeps and Im with my Mum, Dad and the rest of the clan! Just CANNOT wait it is ridiculous! Enjoy Family time in Texas…we will be thinking of you all as the family we just can’t get to in a day trip! 🙁 Xxxxx

    • Lisa! You’re sweet! I just mailed your Xmas presents yesterday. There’s something in there for you and Alex AND something for you to share with your darling mom. 😉

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