Maui, meditating, and an amazing Saturday

Oh man, I’ve been re-hee-hee-ealy bad at posting on my beloved blog. The truth is, I’m so busy blogging for the Empire that, by the time I think about posting on the Funk, I’m too wiped out. I should be better at mini updates though. Not every post has to be of BIG IMPORTANCE.

I also would like to think that, although my 2012 new years resolution was to blog more (I failed at that), I’m blogging less in 2013 because this new years resolution is to hang out with friends more. And, until I left for Maui this week, I have been doing exactly that.

I <3 when friends make me dinner. Especially when it's @thejessicamoss & @johngraney.

Yup, I’m in Maui again. Just bought a one-way ticket this time because I was having anxiety about picking the right return date. This way, I can return whenever I feel like it! I’m planning on spending about a month here… maybe more. Because a month in Maui feels like a week.

Yup, Lumeria hotel in Pa'ia can get it. This place is amazing.

As usual, I’ve been spending most of my days working. But yesterday was my day off and I took the rare occasion to actually get off the computer and enjoy it. As a result, I had an AMAZING day. I took one of my daily long walks/exercise time with my father. I met my friend Jana for a morning mediation session at Lumeria (a retreat in Paia). It was awesome — a huge infusion of positivity that left me feeling energized. I then had a nice lunch by myself at my favorite restaurant, Flatbread Pizza Co. Then I enjoyed the sunset with my parents as we watched the drag races at Maui Raceway until we got too cold/I started cramping. As I used a heating pad on my abdomen on the couch, my dad introduced me to the movie Galaxy Quest.

If you read over that last paragraph and you’re left thinking “meditation session — WAH!?” I don’t blame you. Before last week I had never meditated in my LIFE. But, it’s something my therapist recommended, so I gave it a whirl. At first I hated it, now I’m starting to dig it. And I’m hoping to go back to that session at Lumeria a couple times a week. We’ll see.

And now I must get back to work. I am again reminded why I hardly ever update.

3 thoughts on “Maui, meditating, and an amazing Saturday

  1. Coco

    That’s funny because everyone in my life says I should try meditation. So I tried and I just can’t do it. So I asked both my therapist and psychiatrist, and they were like no, meditation doesn’t seem like the right fit for you. I was sooo happy!

    But I’m glad to hear it’s working for you!

    And awesome dads are awesome! We are both lucky in that way.

    1. meganfinley

      Yeah, I’ve just been hearing lately from ALL sorts of people how amazing meditation has been for them. So I thought I’d try it. At first it made me FREAK THE FUCK OUT, then it gave me nightmares. NOW it’s starting to make sense to me. But I can toooooootally see how it’s not for everyone.

      And yes, awesome dads are awesome, indeed!

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