MAUI march ’07 (new decorating project)

Aloha again friends.

I went back to Maui for another working/decorating trip. This time my mom and I decorated my cousin’s guest house/future pool house from scratch! So I spent most of my time going back and forth from Home Depot to Lowes to Walmart to Kmart to Ross and then back to Home Depot.

This is how I spent most of my time in Maui…

In a friggen car.

Though I must say even just sitting in a car, you get to see a lot of beauty on Maui. I caught this scene while waiting at the light for Home Depot…

Since it was a “working trip” I spent a total of ten minutes on the beach. I made sure to take some pictures as I knew that it wasn’t going to happen again…

Then it was back to work-

When I got bored I took a walk around the neighborhood and took pictures…

These trees are called “Wili Wili” trees. A few of them have fallen over after a freak wind storm in Kihei (where my cousin lives).

I was excited to see a Humuhumunukunukukapua’a fish stenciled on their “no dumping” signs! the Humuhumunukunukukapua’a is the unofficial Hawaiian state fish, and the longest word I know.

Finaly the day came that made this trip ALL worth it. I got to go out on my cousin’s boat and go whale watching.

That’s my mom and my cousin mike watching whales.

It was the best week for whale watching while I was there. Aparently this is the time when all the whales migrate from Antarctica to Hawaii to mate and give birth in the warm waters. I saw TONS of whales. I even got less than ten feet away from a whole pod. They were swimming right under the boat and all around us! I got some shitty pictures that didn’t capture how fucking CLOSE we were and a couple of videos…

A whale heading right towards our boat!¬†He went underwater right before he got to us and I caught this on video…

then we headed over to one my favorite places to snorkel- Molokini island.

I’m still looking for whales as we head towards Molokini. It’s that island in the background.

The water is amazing blue on the other side of the island.

After an amazing day of whale watching we all went over to my OTHER favorite place on Maui– Mulligan’s Irish Pub.

Finaly the trip is over and the room is complete. Here is what we accomplished…



and AFTER!:

Bedroom wall before:


My mom and our cousin Jane work out a decorating plan. We had this carpet and the fouton to work with to try and create a “zen” theme for Jane.

We find side tables and this awesome ottoman!


So that was my trip! I can’t wait till October to be back in Maui again!


2 thoughts on “MAUI march ’07 (new decorating project)

  1. Drew

    Goddammit, Megan. Stop being in Hawaii and come back to California where you belong.

    …And then pick me up and take me to Hawaii, where I belong.

    …And pay for everything.

  2. Raina

    I am SOOOOOO jealous! hawaii is by far my favorite place on earth, and how cool that you got to see the whales up close like that! so magical…. hey, so you wanna help me decorate my new place? pretty please? I'll do your hair for you!? ; )

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