Is MTV lying to my face-space?

Does MTV have a partnership with MySpace? I keep noticing that they’re young reality stars reference MySpace and it seems so wrong. I mean, what kid uses MySpace anymore? Hell, what anyone uses MySpace anymore? So when I saw this scene that just played out on 16 and Pregnant and I had an A HA moment. If you notice, the girl cleary starts to say “Facebook” and then corrects it to MySpace.


Her quick correction, plus the eye movement (up and to the left) made it clear to me that it was an obvious lie.

I’m assuming that MySpace struck up a deal with MTV so that these kids will say that they’re using their social networking site. A quick Google search didn’t give me much to go on. Does anyone know if that’s the case? I don’t know why I even care, but I was pretty tickled to catch that goof up. Just call me Megan Lightman. 😉

2 thoughts on “Is MTV lying to my face-space?

  1. Maddie

    I ended up at your blog through like 8 degrees of Bacon, but since I’m a bit of a media nerd, I thought it was only fair that I confirm your suspicions. Yes, MTV and MySpace are owned by the same conglomerate. It’s all Rupert Murdoch, sneaky bastard that he is.

    Good catch!

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