In which Emma Stone steals my “Kelly” video credit

When I was in grade school, people told me that I looked like Anna Chlumsky in My Girl. In high school, everyone told me that I looked like “Roller Girl” from Boogie Nights (a movie I wasn’t even allowed to see at the time).” In my 20s, I didn’t really get told I look like anyone. In my 30s, I get told I look like Emma Stone all the time. (Thanks!)

Apparently, I also looked like Emma Stone in my 20s too, because twenty-something year old Megan has managed to fool the internet into thinking I’m her!

Remember when I was in all those “Kelly” videos? Apparently someone paid particular attention to my cameo in Where Do You Think You’re Going in That? and decided that I was Emma Stone…

megan finley is not emma stone betch

I feel like that rumor must have been started in the comments of the video — check ’em out, they’re literally peppered with references to Emma Stone. (Including the one person who noted that it must be Emma pre-nose job… Jerk.)

LOL Emma Stone

Then it clearly spread to this Wikipedia page

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 5.38.36 PM

I only found out about this at all, because my friend David, who is old friends with Liam, happened to notice the Wikipedia note about Emma Stone making a cameo. Having NO MEMORY of Emma Stone ever being part of our friend group, he watched the video and thought “OMG, is that Emma Stone?” In his disbelief, Dave asked Brice — his biz partner and a mutual friend — who apparently, without skipping a beat was like, “That’s Megan Finley.”

thats not emma stone betch

So, I’m sorry internet. I am not Emma Stone, although I often wish I were. But here’s the proof: The photos from other side of “Not Emma Stone’s” camera.

6 thoughts on “In which Emma Stone steals my “Kelly” video credit

  1. Anna

    I LOVED those videos – so cool you were part of that! Also dirty secret time: I don’t know who Emma Stone is~

    1. meganfinley Post author

      I love that you know who I am, and not who Emma Stone is! That’s the best fucking thing I’ve heard all day… maybe all my life. 😉

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