When is a good time to announce I have a boyfriend? And answers to other pressing relationship questions…

When is a good time to announce you have a boyfriend after your marriage ends? I’ve been struggling with this question for months now. I have had fights about this question. I have had anxiety attacks about this question. I have lost sleep over this question. Here are some of the answers I received…

  • Some people said, “Never. No need to announce it. People will figure it out eventually.”
  • A few people said, “Only tell people in person.”
  • Most people told me, “Not until you’re officially court-approved divorced.”

I told myself that I would probably take most people’s advice. Then the guy I was dating officially became my boyfriend, and I decided most people can suck it. I can’t keep this a secret for six more months while the divorce finalizes.

My answer to “when can you announce that you have a boyfriend after your divorce?” is, “Whenever it feels right.”

So here it goes…

I have a boyfriend.

The first picture we ever took together, back in June.

The first picture we ever took together, back in May 2015.

His name is Mike. He is awesome. If you’ve been keeping up with my Instagram account, you probably already figured it out. If this is a surprise for you, here are the answers to our frequently asked questions…

How did you meet?

We met at a Game of Thrones viewing, we like to tell people that we’ve been dating since Arya arrived at the House of Black and White.

What does he do?

He’s a TV writer. My favorite part about that is, since I’m an editor and a writer, we go out to coffee shops and restaurants and work together — laptops open across from each other like we’re playing Battleship.

Has he written anything I’ve heard of?

Most notably he was a writer and producer on Burn Notice.

Where does he live?

We live walking distance from each other. I know! In LA! It’s wacky. I kept asking “where did you come from” when we first met. How could he possibly have been so close to me, friends with my friends even, and we had never met before. (Although, it turns out we probably could have once… 7 years ago at a party.)

How long has it been?

We became “officially boyfriend and girlfriend” in June 2015. But we’ve been seeing each other since that Game of Thrones episode, back in late April. And there seems to be no end in sight.

Is that why you’ve been going out a lot lately?

Oh, you’ve noticed! Mike is what people call a “foodie,” so he’s been taking me to tons of amazing restaurants all over LA. I like to tell people that he got me to eat chicken again… and fish… and basically everything I’ve turned my nose up to in the past. Except for pig, I still won’t eat pig. He likes to tell people that he’s still working on the pig thing.

So there ya go. The news is out there. I have a new boyfriend. I’m stupid-happy. He’s stupid-happy. We’re in love. And we’re looking forward to seeing where this goes.

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