I don’t tolerate commercials very well.

I’m realizing that I have really strong opinions about commercials. Sometimes I wonder how ad people could get them so wrong. But mostly I wonder if anyone else feels the same way as I do. So, here we go! I’m going to be profiling venting about some of my most hated commercials and hoping that you guys will engage with me…

Pissing me off right now: the Toyota Highlander commercials

So, this little kid acting like an over-privileged asshole is supposed to make me, what? Want to buy this car so that other over-privileged asshole KIDS won’t think I’m “lame?” And, I’m sorry but, you “don’t tolerate dorkiness very well!?” You’re a CHILD! Basically, your job is “tolerate” a lot of stuff you don’t like until you grow the eff up. You’re lucky your parent’s “cart you around” at all in any kind of vehicle. [Insert “in my day” rant including snow covered hills and bare feet.] Hell, you’re lucky your parents have money to buy a vehicle at all after spending money on those trendy clothes that you got on there (that you’re just going to grow out of, you skinny-jeaned dick-head).

This, along with Kylie, the Windows 7 commercial toddler, are a constant reminder that it’s just not worth having children.

You should hear Aaron and I griping like old curmudgeons every time we see this commercial. So anyone else out there want to punch this kid in the face?

13 thoughts on “I don’t tolerate commercials very well.

  1. Jeremykjones

    Do I want to?… Hell, even My kids want to punch this kid in the face!
    (insert my own backintheday rant here, including the convenient “hole in the floor board, and rear window “lounge area”) 😉

  2. Myles

    You are NOT alone. I have heard a lot of griping about this commercial and for once I actually know the thing people are complaining about! I saw this ad watching Survivor online (like the awesome person I am) and was thunderstruck by how tone-deaf this ad is. Parents who allow their children to influence their purchase of a car should not be allowed to have children OR cars. That’s why I usually hit “mute” when watching ads. But I was away from the computer. Doing something awesome, probably.

  3. meganfinley

    First of all, THANK YOU for commenting — I went on a dog walk to calm down and came back to three awesome comments waiting for me.

    Second, so GOOD! It seems (so far) that this is a case of the ad people getting it wrong and not just me being crazy!

    Jeremy, you’re comment made me actually LOL. And I’m glad that even kids see how douchey this kid is. And Myles, yes, that is so wrong! It’s parents that let their kids, basically, bully them into cow-towing to their every whim that produce the spoiled brat that this kid is portraying — what about that seemed like a good idea to the Toyota people!?

  4. Lauren

    Dude, commercials make me so angry that I literally can’t watch them without starting to rant like a crazy person. #1 reason why I do not own a tv (though I realize that some may find this extreme). The premise behind 99% of commercials is that you are stupid, gullible, and easily manipulated… AND the effed up thing is that it works! I blame commercials for our psychotic consumer culture, our psychotic body image issues, and for basically helping to make America a stupider, shallower, place.

    See? Ranting like a crazy person.

  5. Shell

    Oh, yes. I’ve only seen this one once, but I had the same reaction. What on earth are they thinking? I guess that if a kid can bully parents into doing something, then maybe the commercial will work to bully them too?

    I can’t stand to watch TV anymore unless it’s recorded. I just don’t want to waste my time watching stupid commercials tv ads over and over.

  6. Cathy

    I’d like to wash that mini-poodle rugrat’s mouth out with soap-by strapping him face-up to the roof of a Toyota Highlander and driving it through the car wash-hot wax included. If my kid threw that attitude my way, I’d donate 100% of his playthings and 99% of his clothes to Goodwill.

  7. Cathy

    The more I consider this commercial, the more I suspect that this is actually a thinly veiled pro-abortion ad. LMAO.

  8. Cathy

    If this kid were yapping his crap in my back seat, I’d pray for unintended acceleration. I know its a fictional character, but it still gets me so annoyed. LOL.

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