Our “Honest Trailers” wedding invitation

I showed you our wedding highlight video the other day, but I totally forgot to show you the wedding invitation video that kicked it all off!

honest trailers wedding invitation

When we were scheming up wedding video invitation ideas, we thought… What better way to invite people to the wedding of a TV writer and a pop-culture nerd then to give our relationship the Honest Trailers treatment?

(If you haven’t seen any Honest Trailers, do yourself a favor and watch a few first. May I recommend the one for Home Alone?)

We enlisted our friends Brice and David of Drama 3/4 Productions (and of “the reason we met” fame) to help us make it all happen. After we wrote the script and then shoved a million photos of us in their laps, they produced this awesome Honest Trailers wedding invitation.

Prepare yourself for the classic “boy meets girl at a Game of Thrones podcast” love story, complete with waffles and beeeeeewbs…

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