HAWAII 06 (the unfinished vacation blog)

I created a blog for my trip to Maui in June, I never finished it. So here it is now in all of its unfinished glory….

(the view from our condo)

ALOHA people!

my trip to Maui this year was awesome!!! just as good, if not a bit better than last year because Aaron came with me!!

And I got to spend a lot of time with my little sis, Morgan.

this year I actually got to go to the beach this time because i wasn’t too busy decorating my cousins house…


the view in front of me
the view behind me.

these are pictures from our first day in Maui. That’s why I’m so white! not that I got much darker, but whatever.

me and aaron actually on a beach!
The siblings… Me (the oldest), Morgan (the youngest) and Marshall (the mid)
Aaron, sitting in the waves. 
I have never seen anyone stay in the ocean as long as Aaron does!!
that evening’s sunset
me and my dad.


Plumeria- also known as the Lei flower, is native to warm tropical areas of the Pacific, especially Hawaii. The flower was named after Charles Plumier, 17C French botanist. It is also one of my favorite smells in the WORLD. This is a bag full of them that we picked to make lei’s for Jane’s step sons.

Aaron helping Jane reach the flowers. These are the trees right outside of our condo.
The girls and their head lei’s
matching. yikes.
we never stop posing, aaron told us…
I don’t know what he’s talking about!
photo by Aaron.

after the fun of the lei making, aaron and I went down to the beach to watch the sunset and had one of the most romantic nights of my life.

aaron heading out for a sunset swim.
my mom packed us a picnic complete with champage! (my favorite!)
getting drunk.

while we were at the beach there was a wedding taking place behind us at a hotel, The Wailea. It was a huge event! Then someone made an announcement that there were going to be fireworks. I thought I recognized the voice making the announcement, and as she continued to speak I realized that that voice belonged to OPRAH! And she apparently was throwing a “dream wedding” for one of her audience members. Anyway, the fireworks were spectuacular. Here is the finale on video…

“That shit beats a sparkler.” -Aaron


Aaron and I got to go out on the boat and go snorkeling at Molokini. A small island, that is a wildlife preserve for both birds and fish, located 2 ½ miles off the south coast of Maui.

(picture from a molokini website)
Jane teaching Aaron to snorkel, those are aaron’s feet.
the edge of Molokini with Maui in the background.
on the boat.
the boat.

on the way back we go to sit in the back of Mike’s pickup truck. that was also an awesome ride!

i had fun.
picture I took of Kiawe trees from the back of Mike’s truck.

Kiawe Trees These are some of my favorite trees in Hawaii, even though they have a negative history. Legend has it that the trees were introduced to the islands by a misguided missionary who hoped the thorns would coerce natives into wearing shoes. The bastards.

then we went to Mulligan’s. My favorite bar in the world.

the girls and their beers.
my pretty mother and sister!


Morgan and Mom had their turns on the boat…

Morgan with “The Lads” as we called them. 
Mike’s son’s from Birmingham, England. They taught us lots of fun brittish words…

“wanker” (asshole, idiot, stupid… etc)
“scissors” (lesbians)
“nudgers” (gay men)
“bullox” (bullshit)
are among our favorites.

Morgan’s picture of fish. I love how blue the water is!

While they were having fun on the boat, Aaron and I took the chance to explore the island.

we found a coconut on the beach and Aaron made a sand person…

We drove up to the top of a hill in Wailuku

The view of Maui from the top.

We found a garden area somewhere on the island that celebrated the different cultures in Hawaii.

me at the entrance

We liked the Japanese gardens the best.

and then we trespassed and found a really cool bridge, but it was covered in large ants so we didn’t cross it.

then we found another the ‘Iao Valley State Park.

The ‘Iao Needle.

The ‘Iao needle is a natural rock pinnacle presiding over the ‘Iao stream and surrounded by the walls of the Pu’u Kukui Crater. Once used as a natural altar, the 2,250-foot stone pillar, covered in green foliage, is really a basaltic core that has survived eons of swirling water. ‘Iao Valley is the site of one of the most famous and bloody battles that changed Hawaii history forever. On this site, In 1790, King Kamehameha I destroyed the Maui army in his effort to unite the Hawaiian Islands.

The Helicopter Ride!!!

everyone looking cool in their headsets…

some awesome views…

The island at the opening of Jurassic Park!

coming soon- my newest trip to Maui!!!

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  1. Michelle

    Just checking out some of your older Hawaii stuff.

    PHOTO by Aaron is PRICELESS……….I was LMAO. I have several of these upside down diagonal pics my self!

    The other pics are gorgeous too, of course.

    See ya soon.

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