Have yourself a geeky little Christmas

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Since it’s Cyber Monday, I thought I’d get all superficial on your asses over these awesome geeky holiday finds. This departure from “serious blogging blogger” is brought to you by this Yoda Christmas tree star and a lot of other adorakable products:

Star Wars Yoda Tree Topper
Y’all know that I really want this, right? Like, BEST TREE STAR EVAR!

From the best tree star to the best holiday wreath…

8-Bit LED Holiday Wreath
Who the hell thought up the Nintendo 8-bit Christmas wreath!? I don’t know, but I kind of want to wake up to find THEM underneath my Christmas tree. Or, okay, I’d settle for this wreath instead (that’s a LOT less creepy).

Star Wars Nutcrackers
These are Star Wars-themed nut crackers. I do not necessarily want these, as I don’t ever crack nuts, but omg so amazing.

Star Wars Holiday Lights
Apparently these holiday lights come in Yoda and R2D2 — I’m all about the little droid lights.

R2-D2 Snow Globe
Speaking of R2D2, here he is in a snow globe! The cuteness, it hurts.

Star Trek Spock Holiday Hat
Star Treck can get a little love on this blog too! Spock Santa, anyone?

Motherboard Christmas Ornaments
I’m completely in love with these motherboard ornaments.

TannenBomb Prank Holiday Ornament
I happen to find this prank ornament hilarious. The weight of the ornament when hanging on the tree silently triggers the on switch Emits random annoying sounds at random intervals.

USB Fiber Optic Christmas Tree
This fiber optic christmas tree would be eeeeeeven cooler if it was ACTUAL christmas tree size. Get on that, people!

LED Motherboard Holiday Light Kits
Now, I would rock the HELL out of this LED Motherboard Menorah!

Snarky Holiday Cards
Now, these are MY kind of holiday cards.

Boba Fett Holiday Decoration
Just say no to cheesy Santa statues and embrace the wickedness that is this Boba Fett statue, with the “perfect gift” for that big globby bad guy in your life.

The ThinkGeek USB Snowbot
USB Snowbot, here, reminds me of a Cylon.

This Lego advent calendar has made me, for the first time, desire an advent calendar.

Reusable Polymer Gift Bags
If anyone is planning on getting me anything, THESE are the only acceptable gift bags to use. 🙂

Geeky Wrapping Paper
And to wrap it all up (see what I did there?), geeky wrapping paper! I have put the holiday bot paper on my wishlist and I’m sad the binary paper is sold out already.

Thanks for letting me dork out on you guys with this post. Now I need to head over to Think Geek and figure out how much of this stuff I can get away with purchasing for myself before Aaron freaks out on me. 😉