Group hangs, glasses, and growing older together

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Kathleen and I switched glasses for this pic.

Kathleen and I switched glasses for this pic. Because we’re CRAZY like that.

So far my 2013 resolution to hang out with friends more has been going really well. Except for my month in Maui (which I even managed to get in some friend hanging time!) I have made plans with at least one friend once a week.

Last night was one of those friend hangs that took on a life of it’s own. It started out as just dinner at Malo with Drew (for the third time). Then it turned out that a bunch of USC friends were playing a gig down the street, so the night ended with an impromptu USC music nerd hang.

It was a weird experience. I saw friends whom I see all the time, like my best friend Erik, and Kimmy, and Kathleen. And then the friends who I see at every party and important social event. But there were people there I haven’t seen since right after college. Perhaps right around this time? In fact, there were a lot of people in attendance last night from those photos.

Looking at those pics now I feel like we looked like babies! And I felt like such an adult back them. College graduate, in my early-to-mid twenties, as you can see at the end of the post I had already met the man I would marry, and I was pursuing my dream of being a photographer. I was OLD.

But last night I really felt old. We stood around talking about things like our dogs, our marriages, and where we got our glasses, and the best place in which to purchase said glasses. (LA Eyeworks won that debate.) It hit me that we were all SO much older.

Of course, amongst conversations of glasses and relationships, there was also talk of boobs, dog penises, and jokes about horrible diseases (“It’s okay, I think it’s like [chicken pox/herpes/AIDS] if you get it once, you can’t get it again”). So you know, we all may be older, our eyesight may be failing, and talks of dogs may soon turn into talks of babies, but we’re still the ridiculous kids that went through college together. And it’s nice to see that we’re all just continuing to get older and older together.

And hey! We totally closed down the bar last night. Not a ONE of us was drunk. But you know… we stayed up late!