Awesome gifts under $20 for your whole family

A few years ago I was going through an extremely bad year, financially, so I had to cut back on my Christmas gift spending. I managed to pull off ALL the family gifts for under $20 and it was one of my favorite gift-giving years! This year we are in that very same boat. So I’m working my butt off trying to find awesome gifts for family for under $20.

I got a lot of gifts for people from Fiji where everything was super affordable, but I also am managing to find a few other things on the internets here and there. So, here, if you are interested, is my 2010 holiday gift round-up.

[Spoiler alert: If you are family member, you may not want to read if you want to be surprised at Christmas time!]

Page keeper — $8

Genius! I’m super stoked about the Page Keeper. I bought a few of them (one for mahself) because I’m pretty sure that these are perfect for almost everyone who likes to read and they’re freaking $8 each, but the more you buy the more you save!

Magnetic wrist band — $17

magnetic wrist band
I got these babies for my mom and dad. Dad, of course, loves to tool around in the garage and this could come in pretty handy for him. And my mom hangs photos like you wouldn’t believe! And at $17 each, these are just too perfect for them. Plus the pink one matches the took kit I got my mom a few years ago, during the aforementioned under $20 xmas…

Pink tool kit — $13

This isn’t the exact one, but it was much like it and this one is $12.99. (FYI: I am not a raving sexist what with the pink and all, my mother really does like the color pink.)


h1>Star Wars cookie cutters — between $11 and $20

star wars cookies
Star Wars cookie cutters! I’m thinking about either getting these for my nephews, OR getting them for MYSELF and just making cookies for the nephews. They’re $19.95 which is awesome. My best friend got me the Star Wars pancake molds for my bday this year, which are also around $20.

Pacman cookies — $12

pacman cookies
Pac-Man cookie cutters! For $19.99 now YOU can eat those freaking ghosts too!

DIY dino lamps! Holy crap these are cool and they’re either $14.99 or $19.99 depending. This is also another option for the nephews.

Six yummy hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries for $20! I left it up to Aaron this year to pick his present for his father and this year he picked these! At first we were going to try to make them, but fuck it, I found them for $20 and they’re going to taste MUCH better.

Okay, these are pretty awesome… They’re expandable flower vases that, when not in use, fold completely paper flat. And they come in soooo many different colors and designs so they can make a great gift for under $10. You can get them on their super lame website or Amazon has an great collection.

Retro candy for $11! This one comes with one of NECCO Assorted Wafers, Sugar Daddy, Atomic Fireball, Root Beer Barrels, Licorice Stick, Tootsie Roll Pop, Smarties, Candy Necklace, Nik-L-Nip Wax Bottle, Smarties Pop, Dots, Tootsie Roll, Wax Lips, Candy Cigar, Red Hots, and Jawbreaker. They also have these packages in 1950s, 1970s and 1980s.

Know someone who likes plants? These are super neat. Egglings looks and feels like a large egg, but crack its top and discover a garden ready for sowing! And they have tons of different plant-life choices between $5 and $15.

Got any comic book nerds in your life? Check out this Vintage Marvel Comics 2011 calendar. It’s priced $17 and under on Amazon.

Know someone who loves art? These Artist Collection drinking glasses feature a selection of graphic designs by renowned artists with diverse backgrounds to produce these mini-pieces of art. Each drinking glass comes with a matching coaster and unique packaging and each glass is $10. Check ’em out, they’re all pretty awesome.

I have this and I love it! I use it almost every morning, especially those mornings when I’m on the go. And if you have a coffee-lover in your life (like me) this makes an excellent gift. Amazon’s got some great prices on these right now.

These Silk Lux necklaces from Maui jewelry designer Rockabella Jewels are all only $20! They come in shark tooth, black pearl, gold coral and a puka shell (my new fav) and you can also choose between different colors of silk strings so you can really customize the hell out of these things for affordable and personal gifts!

Omg! It’s a sock monkey kit! Urban Outfitters is selling these (online only) for $20. It includes Includes socks, button, embroidery thread, felt, flannel, pompom needle and instructions.

And it wouldn’t be a Funk in Deep Freeze gift guide if I didn’t include something sharky! This would be an awesome gift for a kid or for the shark obsessed. And it’s on sale right now for $14.99 at the Discovery Store.

I love these Mighty Wallets. One of our closest friends has one, loves it and has been using his for YEARS. They just don’t fall apart! And they come in so many different patterns that there’s one to fit everyone’s personality AND they’re only $15!

* Want more gift ideas? Check out last year’s holiday gift guide for some neat finds.

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  1. Ash and Mike

    Wonderful! I love cheap gift ideas. This year I spent next to nothing on gifts for my friends but they are wonderfully thoughtful at the same time. LOVE!

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