Getting excited for my Nerdy Thirty

Over a week ago Coco reminded me that my “dirty thirty” was coming up soon. To which Aaron interjected, “With Megan, it’s more like her nerdy thirty.” And thus, a theme was born! I have since sent out evites and invited a few of my closest buddies to my “nerdy thirty” birthday party…

Since then I have had a week to make it all to come into fruition. A couple days ago I did some birthday preparatory shopping and it just got me even MORE excited. Aaron and I were shopping for toys and we were BEYOND giddy about all the cool things we found, running up the aisle and exclaiming “oh cool!” “whoa check this out!” and “is $150 too much for a Lego Millenium Flacon?” (Yes, we decided it was, but not without much back and forth.) But mostly we were in the market for Nerf guns. I was inspired by a wedding I shot recently where Nerf gun fights were erupting everywhere and it was SO MUCH FUN!

The best part of being an adult is that you get to buy all the toys you want!

Here are a few more things that I’m excited about:

* ordering a pizza the size of a coffee table
* possibly a communal guestbook activity
* attempting to make a robot fruit bowl
* my very first Star Wars cake
* my #nerdy30 hashtag for live tweeting fun
* nerd beers

What are “nerd beers” you might ask yourself? Well, they’re beers with nerdy names that I’ve been collecting in the past few days. Check out what I have so far:

Okay, so we got Hobgoblin ale (a shout out to Dungeons and Dragons), Gonzo Imperial Porter (a shout out to one of my favorite writers, Hunter S Thompson), Monty Python’s Holy grAIL (my ABSOLUTE favorite find), and my sci-fi beers: New Planet (gluten free beer) and Mothership. I’m still on the lookout for more nerd beers. I’m still searching for Tricerahops.

Then yesterday I got a call from my man of honor and host of the party, Erik, who informed me that there shall be a couple of surprises for me at the party! WHAT!? That info, plus the fact that Aaron’s been sneaking around getting my birthday present “ready” for the last few days, means that my mind has been racing and my excitement level has reached INSANE MANIC MEGAN proportions.

I’m telling you, I’m so excited that I can barely think of anything else, which isn’t great because I have a LOT to get finished before I leave for Seattle. But that’s a whole other blog post.

Anyway, cheers to my last day of my twenties! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Getting excited for my Nerdy Thirty

  1. Lauren

    If I were still in Texas I would totally fly to LA for this party. Also you and Aaron are swiftly becoming one of my favorite married couples.

  2. KMay

    That looks like so much fun! Happy Birthday!

    30 actually isn’t so bad. The only bad thing that’s happened to me this year is that my body has decided to start slowly falling apart. :/ But it’s eclipsed by all the cool stuff I’ve done this year, so it all evens out.

    I am in awe of the Holy Grail Ale, which until now I did not know existed.

    Also, to complete my fangirl trifecta, I LOVE those glasses.

    Thanks for all the fun stuff you do here and on Offbeat Bride!
    (I promise I’m not a creepy stalker, I just like your stuff.) 🙂

    1. meganfinley

      Aw!!! You’re so not creepy stalker — I LOVE your comment. Thank you! But, you know, sorry ’bout that whole “body falling apart” thing. 😉

      Dude, go out and get you some of the Monty Python beer — it’s the first of all the nerd beers that I’ve tried, and it’s DELICIOUS! I’m actually going to pick up MOAR before the party.

    1. meganfinley

      I was just thinking today about how you’re one of the biggest things missing at the party. My equally nerdy and awesome boss lady + friend. aw. 🙂

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