GeekWire fails and Rock Box wins this time in Seattle


So here I sit at the Africa Lounge in the SEATAC airport on a FOUR HOUR flight delay. All my work has been done and I find myself with a rare moment to blog a *gasp* personal blog! Also, I’m not good at sitting quietly by myself, I need something to do. And, in honor of yet another geeky time in Seattle, I will fill it with doing something nerdy like blogging.

Yes, I came to Seattle, once again, with a strictly geek purpose in mind. This time Ariel, Stephanie and I teamed up to attend the GeekWire Gala. Honestly, Stephanie and I flew our asses out to Seattle in the midst of the holiday shuffle for the sole purpose of experiencing what the “4 reasons to go to the GeekWire holiday gala” email described “as a full scale mock up of a mos eisley spaceport cantina bar, complete with star wars aliens.” Who WOULDN’T fly … well … ANYWHERE to experience that. Hell, I even bought mahself an spacey new dress for that particular experience. But when we got there… there was no such thing. Not even close. Basically, at some point between booking our tickets and the actual party the “full scale replica” had been downgraded to “Catina bar-inspired lounge.” Which basically meant, a black couch and a glass coffee table. hmmmmm… Total Fail.

BUT! The trip wasn’t a total bust. There was fun photo booth action with Star Wars characters. And obviously I got to spend some awesome time with my amazing co-workers/friends, Ariel and Stephanie and had a blast doing this…




And, after the GeekWire party, we headed over to Rock Box for some awesome-ass Tokyo-style karaoke. My friends, I had a BLAST. Sang my ass off.

After receiving the above picture via text, Aaron assumed I was drunk. Although I had been drinking, I was drunk, or even buzzed, just SUPER SUPER jazzed to be singing like a mad man with some very fabulous people.


Special thanks to Brett (pictured here throwing the rock n roll devil horns) for letting me crash on his couch, use his shower, and cuddle with his dog. (And also for forgiving me for leaving the lights on all day. Mah bad!)



Me singing Elvis


As you can see, super duper good times in Seattle. I loved every second of it, except for the loud loud baby Tavi screams (and that pseudo-terrifying 20 minutes when I baby sat for the first time) and the Cantina Bar blue balls.

But look! I have fancy new business cards now:

My "fancy" business cards

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    1. meganfinley

      Bad Ariel! No being that girly on this blog!!! I think i look redonk in all of them, but they are silly and awesome all the same. Revel in the cos play 😉

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