Send a raven for these Game of Thrones shoes!

I have podcasts and shoes to share with you on this Happy Game of Thrones Sunday!

Tonight I hung out with my bestie Ken on the set of his Game of Thrones podcast: The Night is Dark

I am getting over my upset at him for not including me in this project, and, rather than watching Thrones alone, I watched with them, and hung out for the show. So, tune in, and you’ll hear me laughing in background and making inappropriate jokes.

Now let’s take a moment to appreciate these shoes…


They’re called “Send a Raven” by TeeFury, and they’re freaking Game of Thrones shoes.

Just look at the level of detail of this raven illustrated with massive amounts of Thornes references…


How many references do you see? I’m seeing… a direwolf, lion, stag with a crown, fish, dragon, kraken, swords, arrows, and what is that bird around the raven’s eye? Is that Littlefinger’s mockingbird? I’m not sure. This would make for a kick-ass tattoo though.


I want these so bad, but I can’t even imagine wearing them and getting them all dirty. So I shall just post them here so we can all appreciate them forever.

6 thoughts on “Send a raven for these Game of Thrones shoes!

  1. Jackie

    Bird thing is definitely the moon and falcon from House Arryn! All the major houses are there–the flowers by the lion are Tyrell, and they got Dorne’s sunspear by the tail feathers.

    …not that I’m obsessed with this series or anything.

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