Finally, a beach day!

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Had lunch at Ferraro’s at the Four Seasons yesterday. They have my FAVORITE meal of all time: a tofu and quinoa salad with big chunks of avocado and and a teriyaki sauce + a lahaina lemonade = my happy tummy.

We also spied whales going nuts as close to the shore as we’ve seen them yet. When she spotted them, my mom cried “I see a shark close to shore!” (She said shark, when she meant whale.) Our waitress was approaching as she said this and absolutely panicked! She got so frightened that she knocked over a glass of water into my dad’s lap. Poor thing. We explained that my mother meant whale when she said shark, we were sorry for frightening her. Of course we found out that she became jumpy because she had also been working at the Four Seasons when Aaron’s shark attack occurred. Poor thing. We totally unintentionally frightened her… TWICE now.

After a fantastic lunch, I decided to go to the beach anyway, even if it was a little too windy for a perfect beach day. And it was awesome. I drove the couple blocks to Charley Young beach and snagged the most perfect spot — on a little inlet separated from the main stretch of beach by large rocks, under a tree for shade, and angled myself for an amazing view of South Maui.

The view from my towel.

The sky and tree above.

The view behind me, almost as good as the view in front.

Me, finally relaxing on the beach.

I hung out in the spot for several hours, until it the sun started to set. Then I headed over to the park just down the street from my parent’s house, where I texted my mom to whip up her patented Lala Lemonades and meet me to watch the sun go down. While I waited for my parents to ride, I read Game of Thrones on my Kindle, nestled in my own makeshift throne of perfectly formed rocks — seat and backrest.

I sipped my blueberry vodka-spiked lemonade, watched people play with their dogs, watched a family of whales splash around on the horizon, and enjoyed the slowest sun set I’ve ever witnessed in my life. No pics of that because my phone died, and you know what, I didn’t care. 🙂

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