Fiji — Days 4 and 5: Mana Island

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I’m now on a small island called Mana island. I’m staying in the honeymoon suite which is freaking amazing, but it’s also pretty sad at the same time — I miss Aaron a lot. He’s LOVE this room because it has it’s own private beach. Fortunately the sun came out for a minute yesterday and I got to go into the ocean for the first (and probably only) time since I’ve been in Fiji.

My honeymoon digs, taken from the ocean.

The water was so incredibly warm it shocked me. I just splashed around and then floated in the warm water near the shore. Then I noticed a whole bunch of really pretty white fish swimming around me. They were also the first sea life I’ve seen here!

I should have known that this place and I were going to get along when one of the first things I saw was a turtle rehab. They’ve rescued and rehabilitated (even hatched!) sea turtles and then released them to the wild. They were, of course, beautiful and I felt lucky to get to meet them.

Since getting Mana I feel that I’ve gotten to know Fiji a lot better. This is the jam! I had to take a 45 minute boat ride to get here, but it was so totally worth it.

My first view of Mana island from the boat.

Of course I’m also alone in the honeymoon suite which is both cool and sucks rocks. But I have made buddies with George, the hotel rep that has been showing me around and taking care of me.

My "Fiji boyfriend" George.

That picture of George was taken at a wedding that I got to shoot here. He happened to be singing and dancing along to a bunch of locals who were hired to play music and sing at the wedding’s cocktail hour…

The locals goofing off for me before the bride & groom arrived.

I leave tomorrow for the mainland of Viti Levu.

UPDATE: Since I couldn’t get this blog to publish from Fiji, here’s the video I shot on my last morning on Mana island…

Up next… a quick video of my last day on Fiji…