Fiji — day 6: the longest day EVAR

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A really unflattering photo of me on the jetty, leaving Mana island.

Yesterday I left Fiji at 10pm and arrived in Los Angeles that very same day at 11:30am. The best part of my nearly 33 hour Thursday was that I got to eat two breakfasts, two lunches and two dinners! Consisting of some of my favorite meals — fresh island grown fruits, bruschetta eaten poolside, a three course dinner, In and Out and pizza! Except for the 10 hour airplane flight with a screaming baby, the loudest snorer I ever did hear and a barfing girl, yesterday was kind of awesome! (Yes, it shouldn’t be surprising that I base a days awesomeness on the amount and quality of the food I got to eat.)

My luggage (pictured left) and me (not pictured) traveling to Sonaisali by boat.

I also did a shit-load of traveling: I took a boat, then car, then another boat and then car again and then a 747 airplane and then one more car ride until I was finally home.

So here’s a video from the Fiji portion of Thursday at the Sonaisali Island Resort

(Sorry for the shakiness — recording a video while holding an umbrella, a change of clothes and trying to keep your dress from getting drenched in the midst of a torrential downpour is hard.)

One thought on “Fiji — day 6: the longest day EVAR

  1. Stephanie

    Really, that plane ride was even worse than you described! And to think that a “free” trip to Fiji was so enticing just over a month ago.

    Ah well, at least we got to meet some cool bloggers. 😉

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