Female SHIELD agent cosplay at a Marvel-themed party

Female shield agent being rolling as backup to Black Widow.

Once again I got to attend another epic cosplay party. This time it was a Marvel-themed joint for my friend Brittany’s thirtieth birthday. And the birthday girl had a special request: could Ken and I dress up like Shield agents and “clear” people as they come through the door — checking for Hydra, accounting for any undocumented super powers that might cause disruptions, etc. Our answer was HELL YEAH!

shield agent cosplay

All Ken had to do was don a suit, and boom, instant male agent of Shield. I, however, was having a problem finding costume ideas. I googled “female Shield agent costume” over and over, and found out that the women of Shield all dress so differently. They don’t wear straight-up suits, like the men do, some wear jumpers and body suits, some wear business casual outfits. Then my friend Matt, and Marvel expert, suggested some kind of pencil skirt and blazer situation. I hopped on Amazon to see what I could find, and I found the perfect dress:


Using this dress as the base, I began to assemble my female Shield agent cosplay…

SHIELD Logo Shoulder Patches

I snagged this set of 2, iron-on SHIELD Logo Shoulder Patches


Using a straight pin to iron on the Shield logo patches to the each sleeve.

Using a straight pin to iron on the Shield logo patches to the each sleeve.


Shield Eagle Logo Pins

Then I bought 8 of these Marvel Avengers Shield Eagle Logo Lapel Pins to replace the buttons.


shield agent badge

Then headed over here to make a Shield agent badge


Then I put my hair up (gotta be professional), and donned a push up bra (gotta be Marvel-movie sexy), and did my makeup the best I could (which is not great — I don’t know how to do makeup).


Ken topped off both of our outfits with stuff from his security job — ear pieces for walkie talkies, and badge holders. How great did this turn out!?

male and female shield agent cosplay

shield agents

Me with Jubilee.

Me with Jubilee.


shield agents getting drunk

Shield agents getting drunk

Dancing with Doctor Strange

Dancing with Doctor Strange. Like ya do.


black widow and female shield agent

It went over a hit — people instantly recognized me as a Shield agent, complimented the whole outfit, and a couple of people even called me “Maria Hill” which I take a sign of success, because she was my inspiration.

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  1. Kim

    You have the coolest friends! Looked amazing as well. I am happy to see that you are doing fun stuff again.

    P.S. I ship James ‘Bucky’ Barnes/Winter Soldier and Natasha Romanov/Black Widow religiously. Do you have feelings on the subject? 😉

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