10 of my favorite gifts to myself that you should give to your favorite people

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You probably already know that I’m an enthusiastic gift giver. But I’m also a great shopper. No one knows me better than me. So I went back into my Amazon history, and rounded up some of my favorite things that I purchased for myself, that still give me joy to this day, and I thought that they might bring you and yours joy as well!

Here are my favorite things to gift to your favorites…

cover blubber
Cover Blubber is this awesome reusable, super-stretchy rubber wrapping material, intended to cover food and keep it fresh inside your refrigerator or freezer. In short: It’s the eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap. Also, food condom jokes are fun. For reals, I ordered these for myself and they are awesome. Everyone who makes food will love these.

perfect coffee maker
It’s important to me to have a coffee maker that grinds and brews because I always buy my favorite coffee beans in a big ol’ bag, and I really don’t want to grind them all myself. So I asked my father, the patron saint of Consumer Reports, to do some research for me, and his results told him that by far the best grind and brew was this guy: Cuisinart DGB-700BC Grind-and-Brew. And he was right. Three years later, it’s still the perfect coffee maker.

microwave popcorn popper
I love my microwave popcorn poppers! I use it all the damn time. Get them the entire Sur La Table Popcorn Gift Set and you have one very happy gift receiver.

zella leggings
In years past Offbeat Empire overlord Ariel and I have been silently participating in “cute gift off.” I’ve given her adorable and often Empire-related things like Mason Jar wine glasses, and a pillow shaped like a log. But the bitch totally topped my gift-giving one year with the “Unicorns in Space” leggings! Which were my favorite pair, until I learned about Zella’s live-in leggings. These leggings are the best, and I do literally live in them most days of the week.

nautical shower curtain
This Odyssey shower curtain makes me happy every day I see it. I even bought it twice because it got horribly stained, and I just couldn’t bare to see one of my favorite things being all grossed up. So yeah, this shower curtain is so nice, I over-paid twice. 😉

Just about everyone I know lives and dies by their Fitbit Ones. Fitbit also has a range of other useful trackers to fit the needs and lifestyles of your favorite active (or need-to-be-more-active) loved ones.


How cute is this freaking frying pan? I’m sorry, I mean, frying panda. Apparently it’s not just a pretty face — this pan can handle whatever you can cook up, and has been handling my poor cooking for a couple years now. Plus she fits in perfectly with my animals-as-kitchen-utensils collection.

umbra ring holder

Speaking of cute and helpful animals for your home — I love these Umbra ring holders. I have the giraffe, and that little dude lives on my bedside table, being adorable and helpful.

fireside candle

Every winter I buy a new Woodwick candle, and every winter I get to pretend that I’m eating dinner, or watching tv, or falling asleep by a roaring fire. See, they have these special wicks that crackle and pop and sound like you have a fireplace. They also smell yummy too. I once gifted someone the “campfire marshmallow” Woodwick candle, and she loved it.

I’m going to end this on my most favorite thing that I ever bought: The Fuck Everything Comic Art Throw Pillow was made for me — she even looks like me! So I purchased it. It’s my spirit pillow.