5 things I learned from my first Fall on the East Coast

Heading deeper into #Maine today. We're coming after your ass, Fall!!! #thehorowitzs

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I just got back from a trip to the East Coast during a time that is called “Fall.” I’ve always heard good things about Fall — it’s beautiful, the leaves of trees change colors, the air is crisp, it’s cold-but-not-too-cold. Sounded lovely. I enjoy a typical Fall color palate of burnt oranges, mahogany reds, and mustard yellows. I have partaken of an apple cider or two during the Fall months. And I even knew that acorns were somehow associated with it. But OMG I was not prepared for how fucking Fall Fall can be.

Here are the five things that New York, Boston, and Maine taught me about Fall…

1. Fall doesn’t happen everywhere at once

Our trip started in New York, and I saw some tree colors that I wasn’t used to seeing. Ben then we got to Boston and I was super excited to spot even more Fall foliage…

Good job, Boston. This is pretty AF.

Good job, Boston. This is pretty AF.

Getting warmer, Just-Outside-of-Portland, Maine

Getting warmer, Just-Outside-of-Portland, Maine

Once we got closer to Camden, Maine, Fall REALLY started to represent.

Once we got closer to Camden, Maine, Fall REALLY started to represent.

And from then on, everywhere you looked it was like THIS SHIT.

And from then on, everywhere you looked it was like THIS SHIT.

It wasn’t until we got on the Train To Maine that my jaw dropped and it kept dropping. The more we wound our way up the coast, the more the trees were becoming Fall AF.

2. Leaves can turn colors that I had no idea existed in nature

As I said, I was expecting reds, oranges, and yellows, but I wasn’t expecting purples, pinks, and neons! I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the leaves on the ground, these colors were just so gorgeous and unexpected.

This is my favorite Fall palate now.

This is my favorite Fall palate now.

3. Acorns don’t fuck around when they fall from trees

At first I was all, “Aw! How cute. There are all these real acorns scattered on the ground. I forgot that acorns were always included amongst the Fall accoutrements.” Then we went on a couple of nature walks, and heard their jarring SLAMS as they plummeted to the ground all around our ears. I never knew that acorns were adorable little bombs.

4. Crab apples are so tiny

At first I thought they were just big cherries.

5. Squashes are weirder than I thought

My initial reaction to this ragtag group of squashes was:

  1. OMG! Are they sick!? Why are they so grey?
  2. Is “squashes” really the plural of squash?


And that was my first encounter with Fall! My ultimate take-away: It was even more amazing than everyone makes it out to be. A+. Would Fall again.

Thankfully two of my favorite people — Lisa and Alex — live in Belfast, Maine, and have an amazing home that you can visit if you also want to experience this whole Fall thing.

6 thoughts on “5 things I learned from my first Fall on the East Coast

  1. Aunt Debbie

    It’s so nice to see you not only enjoying the beauty of nature, but loving it!!!! ❤️ The colors, textures, and diversity of our world is amazing!!! I always think of Grandmas comments about the sunsets on Lake Powell and how breathtaking they were. I know I take it for granted sometimes, but Gods Creation is completely over the top fabulous!!! 😘

    1. meganfinley Post author

      Oh man… just the memory of sunsets on Lake Powell gave me chills just now. Also, HI, AUNT DEBBIE!!! :)

  2. rodittis

    I’ve only done it a couple of times but yes I agree : fall in the northeast is amazing. One time I was in “Actual Vermont” during “Actual Fall” and the trees were so lit up with orange and red and yellow it was like we were walking through fire. ( This is, btw, the way I describe it to my friends in CA: “guys I’m in actual Vermont right now!”. Like I had slipped into Narnia. “No I swear to God it exists.”
    How long were you there? It seems like for the last month every time I checked Fall was barfing all over your Instagram. “Does this bitch still live in CA??”

  3. Kate

    I’ve lived in the Northeast for most of my life, yet I’m still astounded by the leaves every single autumn. I love driving down the road, and there is a pile of golden leaves under one tree, then red under the next. Where I live sort of looks like those Maine photos now.

    However – those gray squash (I thought the plural of ‘squash’ was ‘squash’) look like gray hubbard. Those fuckers are impossible to cut – my dad planted a whole bunch one year, and after staying up all night trying to process them the night before a family vacation, my mom informed him that he was never growing them again.

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