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I’m writing this post today (March 5, 2013), knowing that I’m going to have to sit on it for a while. Sigh. I’m just bursting with excitement and had to type, so excuse me while I blog all over this place.

Clowning around in Long Beach with Nathan and Ashley.

Clowning around in Long Beach with Nathan and Ashley.

I had barely been back in LA from Maui when my newly-engaged cousin and his fiance dragged me down to Long Beach to talk about “where the hell do we start in planning this wedding!?” I spent ALL DAY at Nathan and Ashley’s apartment, on dueling laptops, coming up with rough outlines about where to start. Of course, it had be remembering the my own frustrations with planning a wedding in Los Angeles, and why it was that I ditched that idea and got married in Maui. But I’m still excited for them.

My cousin Nathan and I have been close ever since we were kids — we’re only two weeks apart. And Ashley, his fiance, is an amazing chick who I actually like! I feel like Nathan and I both got lucky in this one.

Now, while I was into hour six of the wedding planning meeting, I got a phone call from my best friend Erik. He told me that he had met just met with his girlfriend Kimmy’s family to ask them them for her hand in marriage. AW! Thankfully, they said yes. And boom — Erik and I made plans to go to Stuart, my family jeweler and created a code name for talking about all things engagement: “rock and roll music.”

I am beyond overjoyed.

When your closest friends and family members are straight guys, you worry about the women they will fall in love with. Will they be sane? Will they not only trust their awesome dudes, but will they trust ME? Will I like them? Will they like me? And you hope that you will not only like them, but will be able to one day love them as part of your extended family. And I am beyond lucky with these ladies that will soon be marrying the guys in my life.

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