The rugs, doors, and dogs of Ouarzazate

If you’ve been following me on Snapchat, you’ve already seen all that I’ve discovered on my walks around the small town of Ouarzazate. My feed is basically rugs, doors, and stray animals…


Photo by Rockmond Dunbar, aka. C-Note in Prison Break

I published a roundup of all the amazing doors and windows I’ve been discovering in Morocco, over on Offbeat Home. Go check it out if you want to see the pretty. My favorite photo in that post is this one of Mike and me. It was taken by Rockmond Dunbar, aka. “C-Note” on Prison Break. He also took this amazing photo of us as well…

megan and mike in jardines


megan with another fucking beni ourain rug

My ONLY shopping goal in Morocco has been to find the perfect Beni Ourain rug. I’ve gone on shopping spree after shopping spree with the boys of Prison Break (Mike excluded), and watched them snap up pants, shirts, scarves, and man jewelry for days, and they all seemed shocked that I want nothing but a rug. Sadly, after searching a dozen rug shops, finding several amazing beni ourains, we still haven’t been able to find the right combo of pattern, size, and price. And, now that our time in Morocco is coming to an end, I think we’re giving up the search.

But I do have a lot of great photos to whip up a great rug roundup!


me and my stray girl

I have fallen in love with a dog in Ouarzazate. Almost every morning, I walk down the long driveway of a neighboring property, and am greeted by the most gorgeous and loving dog. We exchange pets and kisses, she puts her paw in my knee, as if to say “I’m so glad you’re here.” And then we head off together on my daily three mile walk through the streets of Ouarzazate.


At first I thought it was a fluke. I thought she’d get tired of following me, or walking along side of me. A couple of blocks in we hit some traffic, and I thought, now she’s REALLY going to bail on me. But nope — she trotted after me across the street, and we resumed our walk. At one point, I noticed that she was clearly getting nervous once the streets became more and more crowded with pedestrians and cars. So I stopped. She stopped. She looked at me. I nodded my head back the way we came, and she and I, in unison, started our walk back home — her body language telling me that she was quit relieved to have avoided the chaos.

Dropping her off at home is sometimes difficult. If her pack is around, she’s more wiling to stay behind. But if it’s just her on her own, she tries to follow me back to the hotel. I wish she could follow me all the way back to LA, but there’s just no way to make that happen with our travel schedule.

Another adorable member of her pack -- could be her brother or her boyfriend.

Another adorable member of her pack — could be her brother or her boyfriend.

So I donated to a charity that helps take care of the stray animals of Morocco. She has a whole pack here, she has a family here, and she has someone who is taking good enough care of her that she looks healthy and happy… just starved for physical attention and good walks. And organizations like Help the Stray Animals of Morocco, see to their vaccinations and neutering when they can. If they can’t help my precious girl directly, at least they’re helping other precious cats and dogs of Morocco.

Leaving her behind is the hardest part of saying goodbye to Ouarzazate. Other than how much that hurts, I’m ready to GTFO and start our meandering journey home through Marrakech and Madrid.

3 thoughts on “The rugs, doors, and dogs of Ouarzazate

  1. Lisa Hoelle

    This sounds like such an amazing trip! My cousin was in Argentina a few years ago and collected a whole pack of dogs. It started out as one or two and others kept joining, but they were all friendly. They even followed her onto a bus! Crazy!

  2. KathyRo

    Wait, all that shopping and NO RUG?? Wha..?!? That’s like shopping interruptus.

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