Dog versus falcon ring bearer

Who will win the right to wear this I'm the ring bearer shirt

Who will win the right to wear this I’m the ring bearer shirt

When we were in Vancouver, Mike and I had dinner with an Offbeat Bride couple that had a falcon as their ring bearer. Then I saw videos of a friend of a friend’s wedding, who also had a falcon ring bearer. Then Mike and I decided we’d get a dog once all our travel calms down. Then Mike and I got engaged and started planning our wedding.

Then this conversation happened…

Me: Omg! I just realized that when we get married at your mom’s house, we can have our soon-to-be-adopted dog there!

Mike: Yeah, of course! I thought you were going to say he could have some kind of job in the wedding.

Me: Oh yeah! The ring bearer!

Mike: No, he can’t just take a job away from a falcon!

Me: Maybe they can fight it out? Dog versus falcon. Whoever wins gets to bring us the —

Mike: [deadly serious] Fights a child next.

Hmmm… Our wedding may be even more Game of Thrones-y then I first thought!

Speaking of which, I’m writing a little bit about the wedding planning journey for Offbeat Bride. Including the fact that we found our wedding hashtag, and of course, it’s Game of Thrones themed. 😉

3 thoughts on “Dog versus falcon ring bearer

    1. meganfinley Post author

      OMG!!!! I laughed so fucking hard at that, I snorted! Shit. I feel like we need a falcon too, now.

  1. soundtek

    Could the dog be like your “flower girl”? – maybe make like little saddle bags for them to wear with holes in the bottom so the petals fall out as they go down the aisle? then you could have both in the wedding!

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