Doctor Who is back and I’m EGGS-cited!

I’m so excited that I drank the champange (that my in-laws sent me for my 31st birthday) out of my Tardis coffee mug.

And then I went on to have many a Twitter conversations about the episode. [WARNING: spoilers]:

OH! And I also wrote a Doctor Who-inspired home goods post for Offbeat Home! Those of you reading this who give two shits about Doctor Who should check this out.

Also for my Whovians, I’ve been asked not to post spoilers on Twitter. But I REALLY want to discuss the episode, plus have a question about it that’s been throwing me off. Anyone here wanna discuss the episode in the comments?

4 thoughts on “Doctor Who is back and I’m EGGS-cited!

    1. meganfinley

      Okay, while i LOVED the episode — I mean, I watched it twice and will probably watch it a third time today — I was confused by two things.
      1. Why did the daleks send for the Doctor, Amy, AND Rory. Why not just the Doctor?
      2. Amy said that she can’t give Rory a child, but they have a kid — River Song! I don’t understand why that’s just glossed over. I know it’s not a traditional parent-child relationship, but it still happened!

      1. Ariel Meadow Stallings

        1. Do not know!
        2. My impression was that as part of birthing River, she was rendered sterile. Didn’t she say something like “After what happened there… I can’t get pregnant”? That said, I found that whole section ridiculous — REALLY, you were about to sign the divorce paperwork because you’d never had this 3 minute conversation about having children? Contrived!

      2. meganfinley

        Yeah, that was the WORST part of the show. Like, really? You let it get that bad and NEVER talk about the one reason you’re getting a divorce? AND it left me confused because it seems that no one even talking about this part. Le Sigh.

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