The Golden Latte: The most “LA” cure for a cold

my favorite cure for a coldI’m so not a “trendy juice bar” or “natural herb remedy” person. But I partook of both the other day, and it might have made me a convert…

I came down with a cold and sore throat almost overnight. It seems to be going around. My friend Kimmy, who had it last week, told me to “get thee to this miracle remedy.” She’d been raving about it recently, when it cured her awful cold symptoms while she was on set for a styling gig. It didn’t totally cure her right away, but almost immediately it enabled her to continue working as if she were a normal functioning human.

The fastest way to get those miracle pills into my body was to go pick up a bottle from our nearby Erewhon Market. While we were there, Mike forced me to get some kind of wellness drink at their “Tonic and Juice Bar.” He told the bearded and beanied barista, “she has a cold with a sore throat.” And he immediately he recommended “The Golden Latte.”

I took the Kimmy-recommended four Nucleo Immune tablets while I was waiting for the mystery tonic. And then I met The Golden Latte!

Gaze up on the glory of The Golden Latte

Gaze up on the glory of The Golden Latte

I don’t know if it was the one-two-punch of both the “miracle pills” and the “tonic,” but 15 minutes later, just in time for lunch, I was feeling high. But, like, a good high — a body high with a dreamy light headedness — and my throat was no longer hurting.

As I was explaining what a Golden Latte was to my folks — while we were waiting to order at a super-hip, celebrity-riddled, Australian coffee-shop-and-restaurant — our super-cute server chimed in, “Oh, The Golden Latte? I love that. It’s amazing. Sorry, I just had to chime in when I heard you mention it.”

(I told you this was the most LA cure for the cold EVAR!)

Obsessed with this thing, I began Googling “Golden Latte Erewhon” to see if I could learn what about it or why it was making me feel better. I found this description on Clean Plates:

Despite being deliciously foamy, this Ayurvedic tonic actually contains no milk—or, for that matter, coffee. Its golden color comes from two powerhouse herbs: ginger and turmeric. The tonic bar cold-presses these fresh roots and blends them with hot gynostemma tea, ghee (clarified butter that’s low in lactose) and Erewhon’s proprietary chai mix that includes cinnamon, cardamom and clove, lending that satisfying fall spice flavor. Raw coconut oil gives the drink its signature foamy top.

It’s a one-stop-sip for anything that might be ailing you, whether it’s that drippy cold that’s going around or an upset stomach.

So I went back first thing the next morning to grab another magical sick-fixing latte, and to peep the ingredients, in case those of you at home want to play along…

golden latte ingredients

I literally have no clue how to make this, so I will continue to pay whateverthehell Erewhon demands for this liquid gold. But if you, my clever (primarily non-LA-based and far more culinarily-abled) readers wanna give it a try, I’d LOVE to see if you can figure it out.

All I know is that, after two days of taking these Nucleo Immune tablets and drinking a Golden Latte, that cold that threatened to ruin my week has retreated completely and I’m ready to party.

Any other magical cure for a cold out there? Bonus points for being delicious.

8 thoughts on “The Golden Latte: The most “LA” cure for a cold

  1. Caroline

    That sounds delicious and I also love that the market is named Erewhon. I did a seminar on that book last year *pushes glasses up bridge of nose.*

    1. meganfinley Post author

      Leave it to my sexy scholar… I had no clue it was a book. Sounds like a fascinating seminar though!

    1. meganfinley Post author

      Oddly enough, Mike was going to force me get some $20 sickness curing drink, so at first the $11 was a relief. 😉 And then it was like, “I will pay 11 MILLION DOLLARS for this!!!”

  2. onesonicbite

    Oh man! That looks yummy (minus the ghee and honey) I feel like I need to make a homemade knockoff of this since I am no where near this place XD

    1. meganfinley Post author

      If you do, you need to let me know all the details! All I saw is that it has three teaspoons of honey and they used a Blendtec, or something like that, because it came out of the blender hot!

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