Stop everything: You can buy a 1lb bag of JUST cherry Starbursts

Holy shit balls! I just found out that Amazon sells one pound bags of JUST the best kind of Starbursts — the cherry kind.

$15 for an entire bag of my favorite flavor? My mouth is salivating, and my teeth are aching at the thought.

It’s not just cherry though, they have all the kinds of Starbursts available by the pound. I’m not sure why the Strawberry is more expensive than the cherry. Clearly, cherry is the best. Also, not surprisingly, the lemon is the cheapest. Ew. What the hell is someone gonna do with just the lemons? Torture someone? Probably torture someone.

Okay, go back to whatever you were doing, I’ll just stare at this Amazon page and have an internal struggle with myself.

6 thoughts on “Stop everything: You can buy a 1lb bag of JUST cherry Starbursts

  1. KathyRo

    Cherry is the best, true. Strawberry is a close second and lemon is pretty good too! It’s orange that sucks balls.
    Actually, no, you know which ones really suck? The “tropical” ones. They all taste like they took some kind of pee bath.

  2. ashkilby

    I totally just did this with the best Jolly Ranchers ever (the grape ones). They arrived yesterday and have made my life better every time I have grabbed one since. My love of Amazon, which was already very high, went up another 10 points.

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