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In which bitch needs a break

My car got broken into yesterday. I also booked tickets to Maui. These two events have EVERYTHING to do with each other. I just need a break y’all. Both a break in terms of taking a time out… Read More

Maui, meditating, and an amazing Saturday

Oh man, I’ve been re-hee-hee-ealy bad at posting on my beloved blog. The truth is, I’m so busy blogging for the Empire that, by the time I think about posting on the Funk, I’m too wiped out. I… Read More

Travels and aging ahead

Guys, I’m so stoked! I just booked a two week trip to Maui… for $430! It’s also the first trip I’ve ever booked just by myself. I may be met out there by Aaron and a few friends,… Read More

Finally, a beach day!

Had lunch at Ferraro’s at the Four Seasons yesterday. They have my FAVORITE meal of all time: a tofu and quinoa salad with big chunks of avocado and and a teriyaki sauce + a lahaina lemonade = my… Read More

Lunch in Lahaina and whales

The weather’s been so iffy. Yesterday was bright and sunny, but definitely too cold to go to the beach/into the ocean. So, we decided to drive to Lahaina to have lunch at a restaurant my parents love called… Read More

Flights, flowers & near fatalities: how I barely survived my first day of vacation

Day one of my (pseudo-forced) vacation started off rough — woke from a dead sleep at 3am remembering that something had not been done in preparation for Offbeat Bride that morning. Had to drag my ass out of… Read More

The Kalama Park whale got its feet wet

Last night, Coco, Aaron and I all stayed up late downing beers and watching the coverage of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan. Then I learned that it was expected to hit Hawaii as well! So I… Read More