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Stop everything: You can buy a 1lb bag of JUST cherry Starbursts

Holy shit balls! I just found out that Amazon sells one pound bags of JUST the best kind of Starbursts — the cherry kind. $15 for an entire bag of my favorite flavor? My mouth is salivating, and… Read More

In which I’m surprised by a pretty rose and a creepy beet

Remember when I talked about the community garden plot that I turned down? Well, Aaron went ahead with the idea and is apparently the only person growing roses. His first rose bloomed this week and he brought it… Read More

MY “what is this — I don’t even…” of the day

Really Lonely Planet? You couldn’t find a better picture to represent Tahiti than this one? Really? The COVER — you put this on the COVER? You need to fire your “cover picture picker-outer.” I bet he or she… Read More

“Show It” technology

As you may or may not know, I have an Amazon affiliate account, which means, if someone purchases something on through my affiliate links I not only get a tiny percentage of the price but I also… Read More

Boston terrier floral arrangement

The Best Week Ever blog posted these photos of floral arrangements shaped like dogs. And it reminded me that I never blogged about the most amazing floral arrangement I’ve ever seen! These dogs are cute and all, but… Read More

My favorite text conversation EVAR!

I was so excited because I had thought I beat him with my last text… and then the next day he slammed me with a final message when I was least expecting it. The bastard. He called me… Read More

Every thing’s better with Lifefinder

From the man that brought you “No, he doesn’t wear The Precious” I give you one of Aaron’s pointless-yet-funny fake ad placements… So many things to do, how will you keep track? … Use Lifefinder! Lifefinder’s patented usage… Read More