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Lots of sharktastic fun at the 5th annual Shark Attackiversary

Another year has gone by and Aaron has managed to not get himself bitten by a shark! Oh yes, and he also survived that exact thing five years ago on October 29th. In honor of that, ever since… Read More

This is straight up REAL

So I got an email from another Flickr member, Madam Bizarro with the subject “stolen photo” which read: Megan–you might wanna bust this guy. [insert now defunct link to a photo in Lightko Studio‘s facebook portfolio] Took one… Read More

10 second rule

I need to do a LOT of blogging. I have posts and posts in mind: * The life-changing salad. * A trip to the farm. (Maybe those can be combined…) * My Nerdy 30 highlights * Something I… Read More


I absolutely LOVE that shark week always falls on my birthday week. In honor of shark week I posted this piece of awesomeness on Offbeat Bride. And here is a picture of baby Aaron wearing the shark robe… Read More

Shark Anatomy Awesomeness

A friend of mind sent me this picture on facebook… With the comment, “You’ll be happy to know my buddy is getting a shark anatomy tattoo – similar to this but more creative.” And yes, it actually did… Read More

Boring recount of an awesome evening.

Do you ever have those unusually awesome days and think, “today should’ve been my birthday.” I have those every now and then. Yesterday was one of them… Aaron and I went to the Aquarium of the Pacific on… Read More

The 1st Annual Attackiversary!

A year ago today (October 29th) Aaron was attacked by a tiger shark in Wailea Beach, Maui and survived! In honor of the attackiversary I decided to throw Aaron a party! My friend Coco and I made him… Read More