Category: sad times

The Divorce Fairy

October 10, 2015, would have been Aaron and my “10 years together/7 years married” anniversary. If my last round of “crying in frustration in the family law room of the Santa Monica courthouse” was successful, we’ll be officially… Read More

The worst advice ever

I got some advice today that’s the worst kind: the kind where it sucks to hear, but you know is true. The advice I got today: “You just have to ratchet down your expectations for the next few… Read More

The torturous healing of break up songs

You know what one of the worst parts about this break-up is? It doesn’t have a song yet. I need that one song that I can just listen to over and over and over again and cry to… Read More

Sometimes I forget

Sometimes I forget. Sometimes I’m editing a post, or watching a movie, or playing with the dogs, or talking to a friend, and I forget that Aaron left me. I forget my family died. I forget how miserable… Read More

Cutting the invisible string

Remember a couple weeks ago, when life was really kicking me in the proverbial dick? You all know I lost a chance to buy my dream house. What you didn’t know is that the next day, due to… Read More

Old man keeps house, Megan cries for days

Bad news: I didn’t get the house. Good news: No one else was chosen over me. Unpredictable news: The guy who lived in the house got last-minute mortgage help from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, so the… Read More

Christmas is canceled: A video-assisted guide to my feelz

So it’s official: Christmas is cancelled. Due to work reasons, Aaron and I aren’t able to make it to Texas to spend Christmas with our families. We’re bummed as all hell, my parents are broken hearted, and my… Read More