Sometimes I forget

  Sometimes I forget. Sometimes I’m editing a post, or watching a movie, or playing with the dogs, or talking to a friend, and I forget that Aaron left me. I forget my family died. I forget how… Read More

Protected: Cutting the invisible string

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Christmas is canceled: A video-assisted guide to my feelz

So it’s official: Christmas is cancelled. Due to work reasons, Aaron and I aren’t able to make it to Texas to spend Christmas with our families. We’re bummed as all hell, my parents are broken hearted, and my… Read More

Disappointment soup with a side of pig meat violation

In a VERY RARE occurrence that guy I married and I found ourselves with a Saturday night with no plans. Aaron used it as an excuse to take me out to a surprise dinner — also a VERY… Read More

Of ice buckets, ALS, and missing grandmothers

My father Allen Tharpe took the “ALS ice bucket challenge” today. While it was hilarious, it was also sad… His mother, my grandmother whom I never got to meet (but apparently very much resemble) died from amyotrophic lateral… Read More

Buying a car, burying a dog, and vacation-induced PTSD

I’m so ready for this week to be over. These last three weeks have been incredibly stressful and emotionally draining for me. First, my week of intense car shopping… I spent five whole days car shopping with my… Read More

Icing my knee is making me want strawberries!

It’s funny. I can lie on my ass all day long and LOVE every minute of it… when it’s a choice, or it’s something that I shouldn’t really be doing. Now that I’m laid up in bed with… Read More