We celebrated Aaron’s 40th NYE birthday like fancy-ass adults

fancy finleys

Aaron turned 40 this year. I met him six months after he turned 30, so I haven’t been around for any of his “milestone” years… till now! I decided to go all out and throw him a big fancy 40th birthday to celebrate his “big kid” status. Okay, I’ll be honest… I was also an excuse to wear the vintage ball gown I purchased 4 or 5 years ago and has never left my closet.

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Because… internet, costumes, drinks, and HODOR!

because costumesRemember last year when I went to an internet-themed party and paid tribute to my favorite expression on the interwebs “X ALL THE Y!” I use that phrasing all the time in my writing, so it made sense that I should celebrate by cosplaying as Ali Brosh’s comic of herself. Well, this past weekend was round two of the “Children of the Internet” — the birthday party for my friend Brittany. And I had to stop and think “which internet expression do I want to celebrate this year?”

Of course! My favorite thing to happen to grammar, because internet.

because internet costume

But I couldn’t chose which word I would use as the noun… because internet? Because Brittany? Because nerds? Because party? So I decided to just write “because” and bring a flipbook of options. Which came in handy when I met one huge nerd celebrity… Continue reading →

Fantastic Mr Fox and Clive Badger cosplay

fantastic mr fox cosplay

I wanted to take a minute to show off my latest nerd party cosplay. (Would you call this cosplay or costuming? What’s the difference? I feel like it’s not “professional” enough to be cosplay, but I definitely put a lot of effort into each look. Anyway…)

Last time I was Allie from Hyperbole and a Half, at the Meme Party. This time my friend Ken and I were the kick-ass team of Fantastic Mr. Fox and Clive Badger for our mutual friend Matt’s Bill Murray Party.

Fantastic Mr Fox costume:
* Furry Plush Animal Hat in Fox
* Dickies Poplin Short Sleeve Shirt
* Dickies Women’s Stretch Twill Capri in Desert Sand
* Orange and gold striped tie
* Platform Lace Up Boots in Dark Tan

Here are some pics of us from the night…
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Lots of sharktastic fun at the 5th annual Shark Attackiversary


Another year has gone by and Aaron has managed to not get himself bitten by a shark! Oh yes, and he also survived that exact thing five years ago on October 29th. In honor of that, ever since the one year anniversary, we invite our friends over, drink shark-themed beers, and chow down on red velvet cupcakes to celebrate Aaron still being alive.

Speaking of the cupcakes, how cute are those cupcake wrappers that I found!? They’re totally made for Halloween, but they were too perfect not to purchase for a shark attack party.

Now click through to see party photos and a couple shark-themed party accessories and surprises… Continue reading →

Aaron’s 37th NYE birthday blowout

Aaron's 37th NYE birthday party

Once again, Aaron’s birthday rockin’ eve was an amazing time. There was a lot less people at this party then at years past, but it was just as much fun as they’ve always been. For those of you who don’t know, Aaron is that guy I married and his birthday is 12/31. We both used to hate that birthday date because, well, making reservations for dinner is a nightmare and most of your friends can’t hang out because they’re trying to give their partners a nice evening. So we started throwing an annual New Years Eve birthday party for people who don’t feel like celebrating New Years Eve with the masses. And it’s been our favorite day of the year ever since.

Here’s how this birthday blowout went down:

Animal masks were donned:

Megan (koala) & Aaron (giraffe), Daren (monkey) and KayLee (tiger)
Aaron's 37th NYE birthday party
Ari as the creepy horse.

The Finleyquists were together, as always:

Aaron's 37th NYE birthday party

There was much dancing:

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It’s also Birthday Week!

Guys, can I even tell you that my birthday is coming up on Thursday, and as much as I have been DREADING turning 30, I’ve been enjoying the HELL out of the week leading up to it. This week is always crazy — two of my best friends have their birthdays days before mine, so lots of partying and good times are had. Here’s kind of a virtual brain dump of photos and memories from the past INSANE week of birthday parties and party planning.

It started with my best girl Coco’s birthday on July 2th. We spent an awesome day at the beach. I hadn’t been to Venice since I was in either Jr high or high school.

This was actually the FIRST time seeing the canals in person.

Coco, Hannah, Megan & Stephanie at the beach.

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The 1st Annual Attackiversary!

A year ago today (October 29th) Aaron was attacked by a tiger shark in Wailea Beach, Maui and survived! In honor of the attackiversary I decided to throw Aaron a party! My friend Coco and I made him a cake and invited a bunch of our friends over to celebrate.

As for the cake, we thought it would be funny to make one in the shape of a shark out of red velvet cake so that it would be like you were eating a shark. But that was too hard and so we ended up with this.

Then we had a fun shark attack photo shoot…

Then it was just drinks and hanging out with everyone taking a moment to enjoy the fact that Aaron didn’t die a year ago today. :)



for all those people who’s addresses I don’t have! I’m having a graduation party and you’re invited!… 


So if you can make it, I would be SO thrilled!! I HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!