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Surprise homelessness and last-minute parties: The last days of the apartment reboot

  Whew, what a crazy couple of weeks! The apartment reboot has been both stressful and the best thing ever. Having to take down all my shit for painting, then move all my shit for floors, then find… Read More

Female SHIELD agent cosplay at a Marvel-themed party

Once again I got to attend another epic cosplay party. This time it was a Marvel-themed joint for my friend Brittany’s thirtieth birthday. And the birthday girl had a special request: could Ken and I dress up like… Read More

We celebrated Aaron’s 40th NYE birthday like fancy-ass adults

Aaron turned 40 this year. I met him six months after he turned 30, so I haven’t been around for any of his “milestone” years… till now! I decided to go all out and throw him a big… Read More

Because… internet, costumes, drinks, and HODOR!

Remember last year when I went to an internet-themed party and paid tribute to my favorite expression on the interwebs “X ALL THE Y!” I use that phrasing all the time in my writing, so it made sense… Read More

Clive Badger and Fantastic Mr Fox cosplay

I wanted to take a minute to show off my latest nerd party cosplay. (Would you call this cosplay or costuming? What’s the difference? I feel like it’s not “professional” enough to be cosplay, but I definitely put… Read More

Children of the Internet Party: SHARE ALL THE PHOTOS!

I’m still too drained for the amazing time I had this weekend attending Britney’s “children of the internet” birthday party. So I’m just going to dump a bunch of party photos here. We all dressed up like internet… Read More

Lots of sharktastic fun at the 5th annual Shark Attackiversary

Another year has gone by and Aaron has managed to not get himself bitten by a shark! Oh yes, and he also survived that exact thing five years ago on October 29th. In honor of that, ever since… Read More