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Breaking news: Tina Fey reads Offbeat Home/thinks I’m hilarious

Apparently Tina Fey reads Offbeat Home & Life! As I said on Offbeat Home… Okay, whatever Tina, I forgive you for thinking that our site is “mom stuff,” because you’re one of my heroes. And I’ll forgive you… Read More

Death, drama, and dating: The only time my awesome job sucks

Do you know what’s bound to happen the moment I go on a date, my editor Catherine goes to a movie, and my boss Ariel is on vacation with ZERO data on her phone and no internet connection?… Read More

Supporting marriage equality through language on the Offbeat Empire

Maybe I’m overly sensitive, but the fact that I have just been visually assaulted by two gender-normative, wedding-related bullshits in the mere matter of minutes has really pissed me off. One was website selling “wedding blessings” to “celebrate… Read More

Things. Are. Happening!

Since my days of private journaling I’ve had the habit of writing less when the most was going on in my life. I don’t know why that is. You’d think I’d be thrilled to write about all the… Read More

NPR, VWs, and OBH: all the awesome things

In order to make up for my last post being private (sorry guys, this is also my personal journal sometimes) here’s an update of ALL THE AWESOME THINGS!!! Yesterday I enjoyed one of the coolest perks of my… Read More

Now we’re cooking

I’m between lunch and dinner on day one of my Offbeat Home Cooking Challenge and I’m already exhausted. Between making food, writing about my experiences, and begging asking for help over the SMALLEST things, I have to squeeze… Read More