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Breaking news: Tina Fey reads Offbeat Home/thinks I’m hilarious

Apparently Tina Fey reads Offbeat Home & Life! As I said on Offbeat Home… Okay, whatever Tina, I forgive you for thinking that our site is “mom stuff,” because you’re one of my heroes. And I’ll forgive you… Read More

I just wanna look good for WHO?: Dressing, dining, and dating as a feminist

My boss lady friend Ariel wrote a great post about “That stupid Selena Gomez song and second wave feminism.” Just from that title in quotations, you probably know the song I’m talking about. I sure did… So the… Read More

My birthday: The Jesus Year and the year of the brat

Today I turned 34. Last night, on my last night of being 33, a friend asked me if the past year was, indeed, a “Jesus year” for me. My favorite definition of the term “Jesus year” comes (of… Read More

This post is more of a “proof of life” entry…

Celebrating @kidicarus222's birth by taking the most unexpectedly soggy hike into the mists of Echo Mountain. #peezu #echomountain #hadtocutitshort #wasnotprepared #gainingfeelinginmyfingersagain #soggybirthdaydrew A photo posted by megan finley (@meggyfin) on Jun 4, 2015 at 3:05pm PDT I’ve gotten… Read More

Things that I’m doing in Maui with no car

  Wrestling with a super-gross Jeep car cover, and anticipating, with every movement, that the insects that have created their hives within the folds will attack with a vengeance Playing “wtf happened here?” Writing and editing in the… Read More

This is a long, boring recap of a superiorly stressful day

Yes, I had a fucking DAY. It was intense. I think I handled it well. And it ultimately ended with “chi chi” cocktails with Ken at a tiki bar. So, all’s well that ends with chi chis. But… Read More

How I hacked my anxiety with my iPhone

If you’ve been paying attention… or attended an event with me… or attempted to make a movie date with me, you know that I have intense anxiety. A large portion of my anxiety revolves around timeliness. I am… Read More