Things that I’m doing in Maui with no car

  Wrestling with a super-gross Jeep car cover, and anticipating, with every movement, that the insects that have created their hives within the folds will attack with a vengeance Playing “wtf happened here?” Writing and editing in the… Read More

This is a long, boring recap of a superiorly stressful day

Yes, I had a fucking DAY. It was intense. I think I handled it well. And it ultimately ended with “chi chi” cocktails with Ken at a tiki bar. So, all’s well that ends with chi chis. But… Read More

How I hacked my anxiety with my iPhone

If you’ve been paying attention… or attended an event with me… or attempted to make a movie date with me, you know that I have intense anxiety. A large portion of my anxiety revolves around timeliness. I am… Read More

My parents made me grossly over-estimate how much black tie would be inolved in my adulthood

Growing up with rich, socialite-y parents is confusing when you grow up to become a middle class weirdo… When I was a child, I have TONS of memories of seeing my father in a tuxedo — seriously the… Read More

The Big Itch of 2014

I’ve been straight up ITCHY with, what I think is, heat rash. It started a week ago. Just around my hips and inner thighs, and then it spread down my legs, up to my stomach, and down my… Read More

Turning 33 and trying a different kind of birthday celebration

My 33rd birthday is tomorrow. I don’t have any “big plans.” Last year, post-disappointing-turn-out-birthday-party, I decided that I was not going to attempt any big birthday party plans again until I turn 42 (the Answer to the Ultimate… Read More

New new cartoon-inspired hair

I’ve been dying to cut my hair for a while. But I kept it long for costume purposes, and then for Maui purposes (it’s easier to put up when it’s long). But I finally had no reason to… Read More