My tiny, apartment-friendly fireplace

That guy I married likes to joke that it’s because I’m a Leo (a fire sign) that I’m OBSESSED with fire places. My best girl friend Jessica makes fun of me for freaking out EVERY TIME there’s a fireplace at an open house. The house could be a dilapidated wreck, reek of cat piss, and have zero character, and I’ll always go, “OOH! There’s a fire place!”

My parents fireplace.

My parents fireplace.

So when I spent a few days at my parents’ house in Texas last month, I barely moved from in front of their fireplace. If I could have gotten INTO the hearth, I would have. Seriously, this was my “office” for the trip… Read More

Buying a “second home” when you don’t even have a first home?

lake arrowhead properties

I had a new crazy idea to satiate my home and backyard lust

A few months ago, that guy I married texted me out of the blue with the idea to buy a piece of land up in the mountains and plop a trailer on it. That way we can go up and basically camp with the dogs, and then AirBnB it when it’s not in use. I decided, “nah, I’d rather drive myself crazy trying to find an affordable home with a yard for the dogs in Los Angeles.” Hahahaha.

Recently I decided to just check out what properties are going for in and around the Lake Arrowhead area…

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Wanna see my vintage real estate porn?

The latest time capsule home I've fallen in love with.

The latest time capsule home I’ve fallen in love with.

So, I usually keep all of my decor freak outs and real estate lust over on Offbeat Home. Buuuuut… The Homies overwhelmingly didn’t want real estate posts, and I had to stop doing them. But that doesn’t mean that I have stopped finding awesome homes that delight and inspire me and make me want to share em all of the internet. Also, if I had my way, Home would be mostly decor round-ups, but there are only so many themed bathrooms that the Homies can take.

So my question to y’all, my awesome readers, is this: Read More

Home lust on a budget in Los Angeles

This is just one of the amazing sights you see when you're house hunting in Panorama City.

This is just one of the amazing sights you see when you’re house hunting in Panorama City.

Every Sunday I go shopping for a home I can’t ever buy. It’s like this my own sisyphean tale: Girl wants house, girl finds house, girl falls in love with house, girl can’t afford house, girl watches someone else buy house… girl still wants house, girl finds another house, girl falls in love with house, girl can’t afford house, girl watches someone else buy house… and on and on every week. Always ending on a Sunday after open houses end, and starting up again on Monday morning when I start obsessively checking my Redfin app for new homes to look at, fall in love with, and leave behind.

Why do I do this to myself? (Good question, I should bring that up in therapy.) Well, it didn’t start as personal torture… Read More

Microwave v tea kettle: Am I really THAT weird?

Did you know that there are people out there that don’t use their microwave as their PRIME way to make… everything? Okay, maybe I’m the odd one in this situation. A conversation with my co-worker Caroline not only reminded me that I’m considered weird to most people, but also reminded me of a funny exchange with my British friends

Caroline: I was looking up reasons other people have stopped using a microwave to see if i missed something obvious and I keep hearing that people use it instead of a kettle for like tea and stuff
Is that normal or am I right to think that’s weird as hell
me: ha — funny story….
I had my British friends over and they made us “proper tea.” I was like sheesh, this is complicated… I just heat up water in my microwave and DONE!
they. were. horrified.
Caroline: hahaha oh my god you’re one of them!
me: Then… they went on to explain the whole process… heating up the tea, getting the cups ready because, you know, the tea cup needs to be the same temperature as the tea. And I said… that happens PERFECTLY when you make tea in the microwave!
And they both stopped and had to admit… that that was a good point

I have actually had my eye on this electric tea kettle for the longest time. It’s so damn good looking! But it seems redundant to purchase it when I have a microwave.

So where do YOU stand on this issue? Are you a microwave the water or use a kettle kind of person?


Look what came in the mail today from @2people1life! Now I can make a "proper" cup of tea. #nomicrowave
Look what came in the mail! My British friends totally bought me my dream electric kettle with the note “So you can make a proper cup of tea. Step away from the microwave! -Alex and Lisa”