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Let there be walls and a whole lot of dust: An update on the move-in remodel

Things are trucking along at an alarmingly fast rate over in Move-in Renovation Land! In the last, what?, week our contractor has torn down the bedroom closet and ripped out the back of the laundry closet. Then re-built… Read More


How to maintain a minimalist bohemian bedroom in both decor and lifestyle

Over on Offbeat Home, I showed off some of my minimalist bedroom inspiration from a real estate listing. One of my wonderful Homies asked to know more about my actual bedroom. So here it is (keep in mind… Read More

acrylic coffee table

My temporary, and possibly dangerous, translucent coffee table situation

Can you see the coffee table in this photo? Just barely right? Yeah, me too. Constantly. That barely visible coffee table situation is actually the Top Stage Clear Acrylic Nesting Lucite Side Table Set arranged in a semi-circle,… Read More

Dining room before and after.

Purging and finding calm: My apartment burn down

One day I looked around my apartment and all the stuff that had made my house feel like a home started to make me feel entombed. All the tchochskies, the books, the toys, the furniture, the art, even… Read More

I love this apartment-friendly mini fireplace

That guy I married likes to joke that it’s because I’m a Leo (a fire sign) that I’m OBSESSED with fire places. My best girl friend Jessica makes fun of me for freaking out EVERY TIME there’s a… Read More

In which I buy the coolest shower curtain EVER

Old and busted: Boring white shower curtain. New hotness: Danica Studio’s Odyssey shower curtain. Head over to Offbeat Home to read more about my new shower curtain purchase. And THEN note the comments where our readers alert me… Read More

Microwave v tea kettle: Am I really THAT weird?

Did you know that there are people out there that don’t use their microwave as their PRIME way to make… everything? Okay, maybe I’m the odd one in this situation. A conversation with my co-worker Caroline not only… Read More