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Nei to Iceland, bye to Riverton, and bon jour to Paris

All parka-ed up and no where to freeze.

All parka-ed and booted up and no where to freeze.

So… my trip to Iceland is cancelled. I’d be gutted, if this situation wasn’t so nut-balls-bonkers…

The woman heading up the press tour disappeared for 10 whole days a couple weeks before we were scheduled to leave — with no tickets booked for anyone. Ten days later, she popped by to drop a super-disjointed email, apologizing for being out of reach for “3 days” and cc’ing the airline we were supposedly partnering with. That airline’s response: “[Name], as me and my team have told you repeatedly neither me nor [airline] are your partner and we are certainly not part of this production.”

Her response: To change the subject of the group email to “HATE STUPID BUSINESS MEN,” start slinging shit at the airline, and telling us to “Forget them, all dear guests. NIGHTMARE from A to Z !!!”

Yeah… at that point (four days before we were supposed to fly out!) I got all “Bye, Felicia!” I don’t care if you miraculously pull plane tickets out of your ass, I’m not putting myself in your completely irresponsible hands for international travel. I imagine myself showing up to Iceland without a place to stay — drifting on an iceberg like that sad polar bear, with only my newly purchased down jacket and stylish waterproof boots to keep me warm. (Oh yes, I purchased stuff. Idiot me.)

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Old man keeps house, Megan cries for days

Wah Waaaaaaaaah. :(

Wah Waaaaaaaaah. 🙁

Bad news: I didn’t get the house.
Good news: No one else was chosen over me.
Unpredictable news: The guy who lived in the house got last-minute mortgage help from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, so the bank stopped the short sale.

Of course I’m devastated. Everyone told me not to get my hopes up, and I told everyone “too fucking late.” I sobbed and sobbed yesterday. Then I awoke this morning feeling drained and depressed.

It feels like I got dumped by a boyfriend. Being in a longterm relationship for almost 10 years, I had forgotten this feeling… The tears, the questions, the feeling of general “unfairness,” and the fear that no other house will ever be as perfect for me. Then the calm of acceptance… and then the circle of grief again.

I know in my head that there, of course, will be a next house. But I just don’t know when. I could be tomorrow, but it could be in a year or more. But to go from happy excitement, with a future full of possibilities, to this emptiness is rough. My mind searches and searches for a thing to focus on, for a happy goal to work over as I pass the time, and, finding nothing, I go back to el depresso mode. It’s basically the mental version of my home search on Redfin.

If I focus on the good in this situation, I can still be proud that I saw something and attempted to go after it. I channeled my inner bad-ass, and accomplished everything I needed to, in order to have a chance at my dream. (I even finally changed my last name with the Social Security office, after six years of laziness.) For that I am proud of myself.

Fuck you, give me a house!

the hottie house and hottie realtor

Whew. A LOT has been happening over this past week…

Remember when I asked the internet to help buy me a house? Well, the internet did help me… but not in the way I was asking. It was less “here’s some money from nowhere” and more “here’s how you put on your big girl panties and make an offer.”

A friend from college, who is now a mortgage broker, reached out to me and said, “let’s see what we can do!” Now, I had been down that road with him three years ago, and that road ended at Disappointmentville. Good news: You have been pre-approved for a loan. Bad news: It’s a loan that couldn’t even buy you a tiny-ass studio in LA.

Three years later, our situation has changed a bit…

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One of my NoHo dream cottages came on the market!

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

OMG PLEASE someone loan me the $299,900 to buy this house. I’ve been lusting after one of these adorable ’50s cottages forever.

There are a bunch of them in Burbank, but the only one in my price range, with enough yard space, was located right next to a Wiener Schnitzel. Like, RIGHT NEXT DOOR. So… yeah, I wasn’t so bummed to see that one go. But TODAY this one came onto the market:

Investor alert! Short Sale. This adorable 1950’s North Hollywood cottage needs much TLC but has charm galore. It features the living room with high beamed vaulted ceiling, gas fireplace, dining room, cozy galley kitchen, upstairs loft with beamed ceiling and skylights, central HVAC, laundry closet and nice size garage. 2 small bedrooms (per assessor) have been converted into 1 large bedroom, but could easily be converted back. There’s also a large covered outdoor patio surrounded by your own personal park-like grounds. The entire property is fenced, gated and completely private (perfect for pets). This small fixer home is just ready and waiting to be restored and/or re-imagined by a creative and entrepreneurial eye.

It’s in my price range, it’s adorable, it’s got a separate garage that could be made into a studio space for Aaron, and mostly IT’S GOT A GREAT YARD! Look at it…

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Vintage Hollywood Hills spanish colonial with mid-century minimalist style

All photos courtesy of Redfin.

All photos courtesy of Redfin.

This is the house in the Hollywood Hills that I’d buy right now if i had 1.5 million dollars. It’s only had three owners since 1925, which may explain the fact that it still has tons of character and original 1920s details. Plus there’s views like WOW, it’s filled with mid century furniture, and fans of the all-white, minimalist look will get an interior design boner…

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Get your hands on this sleek and sexy mid-century modern Lake Arrowhead cabin

All photos courtesy of Redfin.

All photos courtesy of Redfin.

Welcome to 28637 Manitoba Dr, in Lake Arrowhead, California. Last time I showed you mid-century modern cabin, it looked like this. Now, I’m coming in with something sleek and sexy, with a fireplace that I think about at least twice daily…

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The vintage cabin of my Mad Men dreams


So, I told you that I’ve been obsessively looking at properties in the Lake Arrowhead area. I felt like I should share one of my absolute favorites. It’s off the market now, and I’m happy, because I will be crushed if all of this midcentury modern awesomeness gets bought up by someone else…

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Buying a “second home” when you don’t even have a first home?

lake arrowhead properties

I had a new crazy idea to satiate my home and backyard lust

A few months ago, that guy I married texted me out of the blue with the idea to buy a piece of land up in the mountains and plop a trailer on it. That way we can go up and basically camp with the dogs, and then AirBnB it when it’s not in use. I decided, “nah, I’d rather drive myself crazy trying to find an affordable home with a yard for the dogs in Los Angeles.” Hahahaha.

Recently I decided to just check out what properties are going for in and around the Lake Arrowhead area…

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Wanna see my vintage real estate porn?

The latest time capsule home I've fallen in love with.

The latest time capsule home I’ve fallen in love with.

So, I usually keep all of my decor freak outs and real estate lust over on Offbeat Home. Buuuuut… The Homies overwhelmingly didn’t want real estate posts, and I had to stop doing them. But that doesn’t mean that I have stopped finding awesome homes that delight and inspire me and make me want to share em all of the internet. Also, if I had my way, Home would be mostly decor round-ups, but there are only so many themed bathrooms that the Homies can take.

So my question to y’all, my awesome readers, is this:

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Home lust on a budget in Los Angeles

This is just one of the amazing sights you see when you're house hunting in Panorama City.

This is just one of the amazing sights you see when you’re house hunting in Panorama City.

Every Sunday I go shopping for a home I can’t ever buy. It’s like this my own sisyphean tale: Girl wants house, girl finds house, girl falls in love with house, girl can’t afford house, girl watches someone else buy house… girl still wants house, girl finds another house, girl falls in love with house, girl can’t afford house, girl watches someone else buy house… and on and on every week. Always ending on a Sunday after open houses end, and starting up again on Monday morning when I start obsessively checking my Redfin app for new homes to look at, fall in love with, and leave behind.

Why do I do this to myself? (Good question, I should bring that up in therapy.) Well, it didn’t start as personal torture…

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