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The bright side of holding grudges

Today in Ariel’s blog she wrote, “My favorite sentiment on the issues of holding grudges boils down basically to this: when you hold grudges, you’re letting some asshole live rent-free in your brain. Forgiveness = eviction.” I like… Read More

Worst. Hotel. Experience. EVAR. (or “Metro Hotel and Crazy Pants”)

This past weekend Coco and I traveled to Sonoma for a wedding, but I decided to splurge a little and treat me and my assistant to a little mini vacation — a relaxing stay at a “cute” hotel…. Read More

The Real World and women’s body issues

I admit it, I watch The Real World. I’ve been watching it since I was a youngster and I watch it still. This newest season, the D.C. season, is probably the LEAST interesting bunch of kids that have… Read More

Dear SUV driver that almost killed me today,

You know, STOP SIGNS are there for a reason right? Not only did you not stop, you didn’t even pause! Not even a California roll!!! I felt the wind of you car as you zoomed past me and… Read More

Nothing saves a marriage more than expensive gifts…

Found this “article” through @marriageguide (who decided to follow me on Twitter) called “Together, Forever – Five Great Pieces Of Advice For An Undying Marriage.” I thought hmm, that title sounds pretty epic. I’m gonna check out these… Read More

the worst PR person i’ve ever seen

Joann Killeen is an idiot. Her smugness as she delivers the worst logic ever on behalf of the “Octuplet Mom” has left me screaming at the TV while I watched the evening news. Joann Killeen has to be… Read More

This Christmas- give the gift of thoughtlessness

Last night I was watching TV with my friends and we couldn’t help but get frustrated with the copious amount of nauseating jewelry commercials!! It was starting to make me angry and then what pushed me over the… Read More