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How my dad helped me channel my inner Cersei

A while ago, I was invited to a villains-themed birthday party. I wracked my brain to try to think of my favorite villain to dress up as, but nothing came to me. (Well, that’s not true, I thought… Read More

Why I hate West Hollywood’s plastic bag ban

My neighborhood of West Hollywood implemented a ban on plastic bags while I was in Maui (who, by the way, implemented a plastic ban on the island back in 2011). While I love the ban on Maui —… Read More

We need to talk about 3D ultrasounds

This morning I woke up and did my usual waking up routine — check texts, check emails to make sure the Empire didn’t blow up overnight, then check social media feeds as I try to squeeze in the… Read More

My thoughts on the Trayvon Martin murder case

I have been consumed with the Trayvon Martin murder case. I think about it all day and night. It bothers me most when I’m out walking the dog, hoodie on and hood up to protect my ears from… Read More

Windy walks and a special request

Day two of pseudo-forced vacation was a total bust due to weather. The only highlight was that I took a long walk in the morning with my mother. It was incredibly windy, so the kite boarders were loving… Read More

This is straight up REAL

So I got an email from another Flickr member, Madam Bizarro with the subject “stolen photo” which read: Megan–you might wanna bust this guy. [insert now defunct link to a photo in Lightko Studio‘s facebook portfolio] Took one… Read More

Bloggers, don’t do this…

Today I got an email from someone trying to get Offbeat Bride interested in linking to, or featuring their post about Star Wars weddings. In the email they stated, “if you want to lift a couple of photos… Read More