I, technically, became a soft-core porn producer (and I need your help)

Action figure Mike and Megan, from this very accurate re-enactment.

Action figure Mike and Megan, from this very accurate re-enactment.

The other day my ex-husband introduced me to a couple people we just met as such: “This is Megan, she produces soft-core porn.” After I got over my shock, I realized… he’s not exactly wrong!

More exciting to me than planning a wedding right now, is helping to planning the first International production of Carnal Desire.

For those of you haven’t heard me gush about it before, here’s the description from David Fickas — the lead actor/producer/guy who introduced me to my future husband…

In the year 2000, Mike Horowitz (under the nom de porn, “Philip S. Wilson”) penned two ironic scripts for a late-night cable “Skinemax” lineup. The first was for the show Kama Sutra which, being completely oblivious to irony, actually approved, produced and aired the episode on television. The second was for a different program entitled Lady Chatterly’s Stories. Unfortunately for audiences everywhere, the producers began to realize they were being punked, and the script was deemed too ridiculous to make. These two masterpieces sat, untouched, for over a decade before Mike’s fiancee Megan Finley convinced him to give them the tribute they truly deserve. This was the birth of Carnal Desire: The Collected Works of Philip S. Wilson.

Sometimes I wonder, when a twenty-something Mike was entertaining himself by writing those scripts, did he ever imagine that it would make the girl he was dating fall utterly and undeniably in love with him? Hell, 16 years later, did he ever think they would be turned into A FULL-FLEDGED COMEDY SHOW AT THE EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL!???

I had never heard of this festival before (because, I had abandoned my dreams of being actress right after high school), but basically, The Edinburgh Fringe is the world’s largest alternative arts festival. It’s huge. It’s amazing. And having a production that I somehow inspired, that I get to help produce, and that could potentially inspire more generations of Trojans to perform their passion projects, is just unbelievable to me.

So why am I all up in your grill about it again? Because I need your help, in a couple of ways, to make Carnal Desire a success…


This week, on Thursday, July 14th, we are having a fundraising party/performance of our show here in LA at the Let Live theatre.  Check out and RSVP to the Facebook invite for more info! I’d love to see you there! Your attendance alone will help send (and keep) the show in Edinburgh. And, I promise, you will love the show…

I think one of my oldest and closest friends summed it up perfectly when they said:

“[Carnal Desire] was so self-referential and intelligently contemptuous that it was more of a “oh wow, I’m watching smart and hilarious shit that is blowing-my-mind-funny but I’m stunned into this intense bubble of brain hurting hilarity that it’s hard to breathe and laugh.” -Kimmy

Best comedy of 2001. -Jessica


If you can’t make it this Thursday (I feel bad for you! It’s gonna be a blast!) you can help in one other way… please take a moment to visit our Indiegogo Campaign and donate to it, or share it! There are some really fun perks that have resulted in some hilarious videos!

But even if you donate just one dollar, it’d mean the world to me to support my very first producing credit… silly as it may be.

4 thoughts on “I, technically, became a soft-core porn producer (and I need your help)

  1. KathyRo

    Hi Megan-
    I just realized that I never got my tickets for July 14 event, even though it was promised as part of my contribution. How was I supposed to receive the tickets? Email?
    I just logged into indigogo and it says the delivery date isn’t until July 15?

    1. meganfinley Post author

      First of all… OMG ARE YOU COMING!???????

      Now to answer your question: The tickets are at the door.

      But, like, ARE YOU COMING?????

      1. KathyRo

        Well.. maybe. When I made the contribution I didn’t mark my calendar ( because I thought I’d get a follow up email? because I was stupid? I dunno ). So I’m afraid I double-booked myself and right now I’m on a business trip.
        But the trip is in Palmdale so it is possible to drive down to LA for a night. It all comes down to when i can get out of work tomorrow night.

        1. meganfinley Post author

          NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I really hope you can make it. I’d LOVE to meet you. Omg that would be amaze-balls.

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