BRB, we’re dashing and dining

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Thanks to Ariel for making this representation of all the energy I’ve been spreading all over the damn world lately.

Hey y’all. Wow, this site has been quiet lately. I have some posts just chilling in the “Drafts” section over here, but haven’t had time to finish most of them becauuuuuuuse… we’ve been traveling so much!

Have you been following The Dash and Dine? If you haven’t, then you’ve pretty much been missing out on most of my Fun Life Stuff:

We’re going hard and fast on the travel lately because we’ll be slowing down soon so Mike can start writing and producing Season 2 of The Gifted (which you should also be following, it’s a great show — mutant powers, explorations of important cultural issues, strong AF female characters, and hot dudes)!

I’m also just popping back over here to tell you that Mike and I leave soon to go on our honeymoon — a three-week safari in Tanzania!

So if you want to all the Fun Life Stuff updates and cute animal photos, make sure to head to The Dash and Dine to sign up for emails, like us on Facebook, or follow along on Instagram or Tumblr!

I hope you guys follow along, and leave comments, and give us any tips you have as far as food and fun around the world!

2 thoughts on “BRB, we’re dashing and dining

    1. Megan Finley Horowitz Post author

      I feel like that image just forces you to make those sounds the moment you see it. It’s part of its magic!!!


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