Boston terrier floral arrangement

The Best Week Ever blog posted these photos of floral arrangements shaped like dogs. And it reminded me that I never blogged about the most amazing floral arrangement I’ve ever seen! These dogs are cute and all, but our housekeeper of 15+ years did it first:

And this is Ayla, the dog she modeled her arrangement after:

ayla on the bench

Elsa completely surprised us all. We had no idea she could do that! Even better, the reason she made that floral arrangement was because she was so happy that she was officially adopting Ayla from us. Ayla had always lived in our family home, but about a year into owning her it became clear that she was really Elsa’s dog.

7 thoughts on “Boston terrier floral arrangement

    1. meganfinley

      You are so right, I need to write more. I’m REEEEEALLY trying to! And, as always, I love when you comment on my shit. Thanks love. 🙂

  1. marylukowski

    Bostons are truely a wonderful doggie. My ILA passed away last year and I was just devasted. Really. I couldnt live without another Boston. Although I to never want to go thru that again but I couldnt live without one. Too busy for a pup, I decided to adopt an older boston who needed a home. I did, MAX, 7 yr.old male. I love him and he is so happy now. SO, it is heart wrenching one our beloved pet dies but it is good to be able to have another one to share out love. Your little boston truly was adorable.

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