Is this the best self-cleaning litter box?

Because of constant travel, and some up-coming life changes, I just spent some hours scouring the interwebs to find the best self-cleaning litter box. And it looks like it may be the Litter-Robot III Open-Air – Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box. I sure as hell hope that that’s the truth, because I just dropped almost $500 on this bitch!

the best self-cleaning litter box

But after all my research, it seems like this litter box checks all these boxes:

  1. it’s big enough to fit my fat cat
  2. it’s self-cleaning without a rake mechanism that might get jammed up
  3. you don’t have to purchase specific products from the manufacture, like special litter my cat will hate, or special bags
  4. it should eliminate the smell, since it cleans right away, and stores it in a trash bag
  5. it looks like an awesome spaceship
  6. VERY highly rated on Amazon

In fact, so many of the reviews say that it was “worth every penny” that I started to believe them, dipped into my savings, and purchased it. My cat will probably not be happy at first, and then he’ll be all “whatevs” (dumb jerk has no idea how much money I just dropped on him), but it will make my not-so-thrilled-about-cat-litter-smell boyfriend very happy.

I’ll let you know how this shakes out… er, rolls out. In the meantime, who else has used or had success with self-cleaning litter boxes? Any advice for a robot kitty litter newbie?


The Woogs and his litter bot.

The Woogs and his litter bot.

I’ve now been using this thing for three months, and it’s the BEST LITTER BOX EVAR!!!

The Woogs loves it, and uses it no problem. It’s been chilling in the corner of a room that is often closed up for hours, and the rooms doesn’t smell at all. Well, unless you walk in immediately post-crap — then you got a bit of a smell issue. But it dissipates almost immediately.

I had ONE issue at the beginning when I filled it with too much litter, and it kept crapping out (pardon the pun) mid-cycle. But I scooped some (okay, a lot) of litter out, and then it went back to working just fine.

Seriously, y’all. The Amazon reviews were right: This shit was worth the price.

PLUS, the Litter Robot company got in touch with me (I might have fan girled a little bit) and if you want to get one for yourself, you can use this special URL and get $25 off! You and your cats can thank me later.

6 thoughts on “Is this the best self-cleaning litter box?

    1. meganfinley Post author

      HA!!! That review is epic. I had caught a couple of issues like that in reviews of other self-cleaning litter boxes, ultimately that’s pretty much why I dished out so much fucking money for this one!

      1. KathyRo

        I think Cat Genie was reaching for the stars. They were really trying to make it so you never touched litter : the feces were flushed down your toilet automatically and the kitty bowl was cleaned and dried. A noble goal but ultimately too difficult to achieve ( at least not for $300 ). Yours seems more reasonable.

  1. TAnk

    I haven’t purchased the thing yet but I’m totes saving up for it. One more month. I demand a Megan-thorough review when you get yours set up and rolling!

    1. meganfinley Post author

      It’s almost here! I keep looking at the package tracking every day. I can’t wait. And there will TOTALLY be an update with a review and all. This better be the answer to all my cat emission problems. 😉

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