Best road trip EVAR circa 2006

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I found this old blog post that never got posted. I thought I’d resurrect it and post it now. Oh we were so young and in love back then. This was year two of our relationship, by the way.

“It winds from Chicago to LA, more than 2,000 miles all the way”… yup, Aaron and I took a Route 66 road trip and it was awesome! I flew to Indiana on New Years Eve and then drove w him from there to Oklahoma (where is family lives) and then from Oklahoma back to LA.

INDIANA (New Years Day!)

After a New Years Eve filled with gunfire in the slums of Indianapolis, Aaron and i drove to see his family farm somewhere along the back roads of Indiana… pictures from the farm…

“now it goes through ST. LOUIS”

Aaron surprised me to with a stop to see the St. Louis Gateway Arch. Since we were on our way to Oklahoma after the farm trip, we arrived there some time late at night. My camera ran out of batteries and this is the only picture I was able to take of it before it died…

“and down to MISSOURI”After spending a fabulous night in Springfield, Missouri we got up early in the morning so we could take a tour of the “Fantastic Cavern” deep in the hills of Springfield, Missouri. us getting prepared to venture deep into the cavern…
hard hats…
and a ‘coon skin cap!
Mmm Mmm… that’s some fantastic cavern! And then it was back in the car again and back on our way to Oklahoma. Poor Aaron didn’t get ANY help driving as I am not the best at driving stick.
“And Oklahoma City looks mighty pretty…” okay, so Aaron’s folks actually live in Norman, Oklahoma, but it’s close enough! And Norman isn’t mentioned in the Route 66 song. But they live on a lake which is pretty cool!
We went fishing.
Or “sheeshing” as Aaron’s nephew calls it.
After the Oklahoma fun and one VERY VERY BAD Rose Bowl night!!! we continued our trip with a drive all the way back to LA! But before leaving Oklahoma we stopped at a rest stop right outside of Texas and look what we found!!!…
We made ourselves sick. “you’ll see Amarillo…” TEXAS Which is where we stopped for lunch the day after USC lost to them in the Rose Bowl. EVERYONE in the restaurant was wearing Longhorns shit. boo. Which was only slightly creepier than what we had to stop and see for ourselves in Groom, Texas… THE TACKIEST MONUMENT IN THE WORLD!!!!…
That tiny little speck leaning against the cross is Aaron, at 6’3”… yeah.
And the other tiny specks surrounding the cross are these statues of the story of Jesus being nailed to the cross.
Aaron and Jesus
Aaron trying to save Jesus.
Gallup, New Mexico cute hotel we stayed at
Arizona We decided to waste a few hours running around the desert… “the painted desert” of Arizona.
we got these glasses at Walgreens!
looking at petrified wood
And then we drove through Flagstaff, Arizona. Don’t forget Winona. Kingsman and Barstow but not San Bernadino. And then it was back home!!! Best road trip EVER!!!

5 thoughts on “Best road trip EVAR circa 2006

  1. courtney

    i loved this! & i agree i miss road trips too!
    you guys are so cute together.
    & i love aarons poncho. i used to have one kind of like that, which was why i think my teacher called me spicoli!

    1. meganfinley

      How could you forget “sheeshing!?” we still use that term to this day! I actually have some super cute pics of you pregnant with Nick with Ethan on your lap… somewhere. I’ll try to find them.

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